Psychic Intuition and Your Emotions

Dr. Purushothaman
January 13, 2014


While it is true that emotions can play a significant role in psychic intuition, they can also be prohibitive. Many times human emotions can actually influence true psychic vision. Because they are so powerful, they have the capacity to shape they we think and process information. Even for those who rely on their emotions, such as clairsentients, there needs to be a way to determine what are true psychic impressions and what are the feelings that belong to the psychic personally.
When it comes to psychic readings, the professional psychic must learn how to remain neutral and objective during a reading. This enables them to get a clear channel to the psychic energy they are picking up. Although there are some psychics who are largely dependent on their emotions or "gut feelings", most psychics tend to need to keep their emotions in check while they tap into their psychic intuition.
This is not to say that emotions are negative in any way. On the contrary, emotions provide us with energy and initiative. When it comes to psychic intuition, emotions can help a psychic validate their psychic perceptions. Emotions are gauges that provide useful information. Not only do they tell us about our own selves, they can also offer valuable information about others. Denying their usefulness is denying a part of our selves. A conflict can occur, however, when our emotions override our ability to reason and process information.
When working with our own psychic intuition, it's always important to ask our self what we are feeling. Feeling overwhelmed, powerless, angry or frustrated can certainly influence your psychic intuition or psychic impressions. That's why it's important for you learn how to manage our emotions prior to doing any psychic work. One of the best ways to do this is to check in with your self. Here are some ideas and questions to ask yourself before doing any psychic work.
1.What are you feeling? Try to tune into your feelings. Write them down and put a name to it.
2.Don't' try to pretend your feelings aren't there. Accept that they are and give yourself the opportunity to feel them in a safe place. The more you are willing to walk through your emotions, the easier it will be to access your psychic intuition.
3.Differentiate yourself from your feelings. Know that You are not your feelings and feelings will pass.
4.Make sure you take the time to process your feelings before you respond to a situation. This gives you an opportunity to decide whether you want to act or simply to let something go.
The goal is to give yourself a space where you can process your emotions and appropriately allocate them. Not only will this help you with your psychic intuition, it can also help you in your personal life.

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