Practice Some Simple Ways to Lead a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


External things like money, new car cannot give you true happiness. Happiness lies within you; all you need is to take control over it.
In this century of real misapprehension, we tend to gain real happiness only through material contentment. However, researches prove that happiness could not be attained only through fulfillment of material desires like a new car or new home. In fact, happiness achieved through materialistic gains is short-lived and go past
quickly. This means that if we actually wish to be happy, we got to change our attitude towards and achieve harmony with our own self.
As per the recent researches conducted, true happiness lies in recovering the following characteristics that we already possess but fail to identify with.
1. Optimism- Whatever circumstances you might be living through, it is important to maintain a positive outlook towards life. Develop belief within your self that you are worthy of achieving the best that life can offer you.
2. Courage- You needs to have the courage to defend your faith and belief. The faith and courage to change your destiny.
3. Practicality and ingenuity- People who love life always search for new ventures and are not afraid of trying new things. Even if they fail, they do not get disappointed and keep trying till they achieve success.
4. Self-confidence- Whatever you do, you need to feel confident and sure about it. Do not allow doubt to overshadow your prospective of achieving your goals through hard work and dedication.
5. Sound Health- In order to achieve true happiness, the mind, body and soul should be in harmony with each other. When you are physically fit, you will be in a great frame of mind. Practicing Meditation regularly can unite our body, mind and soul.
6. Humanity- When you help others and that too without expecting anything in exchange then you tend to experience a sense of happiness that comes from within.

7. Love- When you love somebody, be it your beloved, your parents, or any of your near and dear one, you tend to develop a feeling of compassion and sympathy, which allows you to experience real happiness.
8. Set Goals- When you set achievable goals for yourself; you have something to concentrate upon. Something which gives meaning and purpose to your life. This will give us a true happiness when we accomplish our goals successfully.
If you wish to experience real happiness then it is none other than you who can bring happiness to your life as you have the control over your happiness even more than you might have actually imagined.

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