Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013

Everything we see in the world today was first a thought before it became reality. The cars, airplane, boats, rockets, submarines were all first thought about before coming to be. This tells us how important creative thinking is. If creative thinking is so important and powerful, why is that most people don't practice? I feel it is because too little know its importance. Those who do know little about how to go about it. Hat's what I intend to examine in this article.

By definition we say creative thinking is simply the thought process that produces a new idea. Brian Tracy defines it as "improvement". Looking at it from the viewpoint of Tracy it is simply the ability to improve on your situation. Whatever it is everyone us can do something to improve our situation. Be you a student, a professor, an accountant or a salesman. All you need is to know the right process to produce the right thought. Like every other skill, creative thinking is a skill that can be learnt by practice.

Let us now briefly examine the pattern in a creative thought process. Every great achievement begins with asking the right question. True to an African adage which state "the solution is only a question away from the right answer". To get your creative juices running you must learn to ask the right questions All improvements begin with questioning the current, existing circumstances. We ask three questions where are we coming from? Where are we now and where do we intend to go. Asking this question will surely provide the right answers we need. When we were children we asked questions we asked questions. The time came when we grew we dropped the skill but we we'll need to pick it up if we want to be creative. Secondly, is having a clear cut goal, the more we want something the clearer we are about. Clarity helps to increase our focus. A clear goal produces a clear result. While a vague goal produces a vague result. We must ensure we make our goals clear as this will help us to produce clear ideas on how to bring them to be. Lastly is finding solution to our pressing problems. Now you ask "What are the three biggest problems that I am facing in my life today?" Write the answer to this question quickly, in less than 30 seconds. When you write the answer to a question in less than 30 seconds, your subconscious mind will sort out all extraneous answers and give you the three most important ones. When you get the solution to the three most pressing problems we then ask "What is the worst possible thing that can happen as a result of each of these problems?" Then ask yourself, "What are all the things that I can do, right now, to ease each problem?" If you have a problem that is worrying you for any reason, think about what you could do immediately to begin alleviating that concern. This helps to maximize the use of you creative powers.

Now in utilizing you creative powers three things must be borne in your mind. One is clarity, you must be clear of what is it you really want. Secondly concentrate, put everything aside and put your mind on the one thing it is that you want at that moment. This will help you so much. Lastly be ready to receive what comes to your mind an write it down. Always learn to think on paper this willl really help you.

Putting all these to practice will produce the right result we need and greatly enhance our thinking ability.

wishing you success.

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