Positive Thoughts Equal A Positive Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

If you have ever felt like life is not treating you right then you should take a moment to consider how great a role your thinking and attitude play in how life treats you; because it is all about how you perceive your life to be that determines how it will be. If you have negative thoughts, your attitude tends to be just as negative and if you have positive thoughts your attitude will be just as positive. You cannot expect to have a good attitude when all of your thoughts tell you that life is hard, full of disappointment and that it's you against the world.

I want you to try this quick experiment so that you can see how your thoughts really do affect your perceptions on life, as well as your attitude. Think of your best friend and the unconditional love and support shared between the two of you...

Did you smile without meaning to? Did you remember a specific time when your friend showed unconditional love and support for you? Did you notice that your attitude brightened while thinking about your best friend? Chances are very good that this is the experience you had by thinking about something positive.

You were asked to do this quick experiment about positive thinking so that you could experience for yourself how your thoughts affect your attitude. While articles like this are informational and useful, I have always found that they are even more helpful when I can relate to them on a personal level like the experiment above, which positive thinking allowed me to do. I understand what people mean when they say that positive thoughts equal a positive attitude.

How do our thoughts and attitudes play a role in how life treats us? Our thoughts and attitude determines the way we perceive our life. Negative thoughts and a negative attitude will cause us to perceive everyday occurrences negatively. While positive thoughts and a positive attitude will cause us to perceive everyday occurrences positively. People with negative perceptions often make mountains out of mole hills so to speak.

Small things become a very big deal and people with negative attitudes always seem to be the ones that have bad things happening to them on a daily basis. They were late to work. They forgot their lunch at home. Traffic was bad when they got off. The cable was out. You get the idea. Unbeknownst to them is the very real fact that due to their negativity they are missing out on the good things, great and small that are trying to come into their lives.

Through our attitude we send messages to the people around us, and it is not hard to pick out the negative thinkers in the crowd because they usually have sour attitudes and we know one causes the other. Most people do not find negativity attractive. You can significantly improve your relationships with positive thoughts and a positive attitude.

If we are in a negative mode and perceiving our lives in that manner, we are actually creating an existence wherein we attract negativity to us while repelling anything positive. When we do this to ourselves we rationalize that life is just out to get us. We see the inside as life seems to be going good for everyone else but us. Life is energy. It is not an entity with the power to wage a battle against you. Life is comprised of both good and bad things. The degree to which you will recognize and enjoy the good and cope with the bad is determined by how you perceive these things. And your perceptions are shaped by your thoughts and attitude.

In closing I leave you with this. Indulge in a life of positive thoughts which will equal a positive attitude and life will be good to you. Instead of thinking that the grass is greener on the other side, make your grass the greenest grass that you have ever seen. If you positively believe in your own success, then you can make it happen. Remember that your thoughts have power.

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