Positive thinking method that works

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

My research came up to this lovely designed diamond cut shape block of wood made of oak,with a removable key also made of the same wood and having engraved on the wood are words: love,health,money and success on the sides there is good luck engraved.

This block is the base where the key is kept, and that is my magical object (the key) which I carry with me in my pocket wherever I go every day of my life for being small enough to fit in my hand. This key made of nature (wood) has that special meaning to me, not to mention the energy; wood is as a living organism. This key is so important I don’t leave home without it, because i know how important it´s been in my life. It can be superstitious or not, but one thing is true it has helped me in my positive thinking and made me more of a confident person in my day tasks. My method by getting to my goal or overcoming those difficult moments of decision we all have is as simple as using that key. For decisions in my daily work I normally get the key in my hand and think of the power I have in my hand, holding the magical key that is able to open all the doors i am having difficulty with, you see its self motivation. The power of the mind and remembering my motivational thoughts helps me get in a positive mindset mood that makes me positive and confident for decisions I have to make. People call it good luck; yes it is but good luck comes easier if your mind is stronger, only practice makes your mind stronger and more powerful, and all this together just helps attract more and more good luck. That´s what we all look for, that was what I looked for ages ago and finally found my path to being more successful in my normal day life thanks to the decision I took in making the key, for myself ,but seeing it works with me it could also work with you by trying to use the wood key. We all different people but we all have one thing in common we all like success.

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