Positive Thinking For Positive Earning

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

It's a mystery to many how people from modest backgrounds can nonetheless manage to amass extreme wealth. It's enough to dispirit the average person who can feel jealous and defeated by this phenomenon. They feel that somehow they missed the boat that the other guy caught. But there is no magic boat to success. The truth is success requires hard work, tenacity, and a positive attitude. A little luck and the wit to seize the right opportunities when they arise also factor in to the success formula.

Would you like to own a successful business but feel that it's way out of reach? What if you could make this reality come to life by working hard and developing a strong, positive mental attitude along with the support of experts when you needed it?

Ask any affluent individual how they got their wealth and they will undoubtedly tell you they believed in themselves and their goals and worked their tails off until they reached those goals. Annoying, isn't it and a bit simplistic sounding, but the mind can cause many things to happen - or not. If you think the sky's the limit, then that is what you will be - limited.

You have heard the old adage that one must dress appropriately for an interview for the job they want. This type of forward visioning, if you will, actually works. Once you have a positive mindset your mind builds a successful image. The more that vision is in your head and the more you trust it, the better the chance of making that vision a reality. There is a straight line from envisioning to achieving.

This sounds like so much hot air. After all, how could just thinking about something positive make it happen? If the right mental attitude brings wealth, why aren't there a lot more people bringing in the big bucks? The answer is that positive thinking is supported by wisdom and power existing within the individual and cannot be derived from outside sources or faked. Thoughts take effect only within the right mental mindset. You can build your own positive attitude. If prosperity is what you want, think about it with a positive approach and think about it often.

This method becomes even more successful when it is really stretched to the limit. Radical positive thinking brings radical results. If you think positively about all facets of your life, thinking positively about financial success will go right along with your mentality. You will be healthier, wealthier and less stressed at the same time. Your attitude will be contagious and spread to those around you.

Another secret of the successful is that they did not get there alone. A successful businessperson who faces reality will know his/her strengths and weaknesses and seek support in the areas where they need it. If their weak spots are in the technological, computational or human relations aspects of business, they will seek experts in those fields, listen carefully to their advice, and moreover, follow it. When your mental attitude is a sound one, you will not fear reaching out for support when you need it.

Begin with visualizing success. Maybe this means a big comfortable house by a lake with space for docking your yacht, a couple of Mercedes in the garage and a Lear jet. Maybe this means the ability to make a monthly paycheck last the whole month. Whichever end of the range you are or anywhere in between, to get there requires positive thinking. Your next step is to never lose track of this vision. Human knowledge and achievement thrive on repetition. The mind responds very well to repeated thoughts and actions. Put as much discipline into this repetition as you can. It is also a sound practice to build your vocabulary and hold your head up high to give the positive attitude in your head a physically positive image as well.

The difference between you and the rich guy is the force of your mentality. It is you that impedes your success. You must believe in your dream of success to make it happen. To build a strong business with a strong team, you need a strong leader and that leader is you.

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