Planning for Retirement to Lead an Active Lifestyle

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Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Planning for retirement is something no sensible person can afford to ignore and it should be given high priority once you have passed middle age. After having led a very active life the idea of doing next to nothing all day long during your retirement will start causing nightmares as you draw closer to retirement.
What do you propose to do when you retire? You should have a retirement planning strategy in place. Retired life should be viewed from a different perspective altogether.
There are several options that you may want to consider when planning for retirement which will help you lead a healthy, happy and an active lifestyle.

If finance is not a problem, you could engage yourself in voluntary work. Many organizations are in the look out for retired personnel to help them run their organizations since their skills and expertise are very much valued and respected. Many voluntary organizations are service oriented and the opportunity to help people with no reward in return can indeed be a very satisfying experience and help you to maintain an active lifestyle.

Hobbies are another aspect you should think of seriously when you are planning for retirement. Though late in life this is a wonderful opportunity for you to revive and develop your hobbies such as painting, gardening, music and short story writing, you had been indulging in during your younger days. You probably still love your hobbies but had to give it up due to pressure of work and family responsibilities. Retirement should provide the opportunity to pursue your hobbies once again and enjoy doing it. If you are good at handicrafts and very dexterous with your hands you could plan to utilize your free time to indulge in this seriously and possibly make an additional income too.

Retirement and reduced income go hand in hand and this could be a problem for some who yet have family and other responsibilities to sort out. When planning for retirement you should plan out a strategy to work part-time in your present work place or find suitable employment elsewhere. May be you should follow a part-time course to find suitable employment after retirement which will enable you to maintain a reasonably good lifestyle and continue to be active.

Remaining mentally active is equally important during retirement. The computer and the internet are wonderful companions for retirees. If you are not sufficiently conversant with the computer you should learn to handle it before you retire. News from around the world, music, videos, complete novels are all right there at your finger tips. You could also be in touch with your kith and kin by e-mail. You can easily spend a couple of hours a day on the computer and enjoy it.

The computer and the internet can also be utilized to generate an additional income and keep you gainfully occupied if you are so inclined. You can enroll yourself with online paid survey companies and participate in online surveys for which you will be remunerated. Similarly participating in online auctions by enrolling yourself with e-Bay or other auction sites is another way of keeping yourself gainfully occupied.

An active lifestyle during retirement should be your goal. This does not preclude you from going on a world tour or enjoying yourself but your focus should be on remaining mentally alert and physically active as long as possible during retirement.

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