Past Life Regression and Your Purpose in Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


We are spiritual beings and more than just our bodies. This world we inhabit and interact with is part of a full and richly interrelated oneness with other places and energy. We are slowly understanding with our collective human knowledge more about this world and how it works - and what we can do within it. That human understanding is growing and the world we all engage each day is becoming more full as that knowledge grows and is shared. This world is a very different experience for us than it was for our ancestors of 200 years ago, 500 years ago, or 1,000 years ago. The changing world creates new learning experiences.

You are here on a life journey. You may struggle now with that purpose. Do you know why you're here, why you have the life that you now lead? You are not here in a one shot deal. This experience is not some separate and then ending biological quirk. Your journey of you has been longer than you might imagine. If you're reading this perhaps you feel that chain of experiences. You can learn more about past lives and that understanding.


Whatever your past, it is your now and your future that you must shape. You have the power now to create a life that is more rich and full than perhaps you have allowed yourself. You can change your life. Think about the things you enjoy and find happiness in doing. Are you living your life to develop those things you feel the most passion and interest in? It's easy to get caught up in the well worn processes that let you get by in life. But taking the easy path might be less fulfilling than your life deserves. You have to understand yourself to make the changes to create the conditions in this life you really want and need. This is not a blame game, where you find excuses for things not going your way. This is your time, your life, to learn the lessons you need to learn, to try the things you need to try, and to matter along the way.

You matter along the way when you find yourself and understand who you are, and who and what you can be. That takes effort on your part. You can live your life in a sleep-like state, where you never try too hard to think about why you're here, where you've come from or are going. Many people live life like that. Most are not bad, but they're not living full, purposeful lives. Many don't matter as much as they can and should in this lifetime. They're just going along and time passes by as they age. Do you wonder if there is more about life than the way you have led it thus far?

You are more than what is confined within the body you now have. We are each one part of a shared experience... made real in this world by the hopes and dreams of others. This world is not created and moved by one of us alone.

Take the time to understand this life you have. Take the time to chose your place. Make your life matter. Try the Resource Guide for a simple step in your learning.

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