Passive Income for an Active Life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


The term Passive Income has been tossed around quite frequently in the past few years. With the current state of the economy in America, and the rest of the world, finding a way to stay ahead of the crowd financially is a big focus for a lot of us. For some, the phrase Passive Income may be new or unclear and I am here to offer you a little insight on what it is and give you some passive income ideas.

So, what is Passive Income? It is the opposite of Active or Earned income, which is money you receive for directly selling goods or your services. Let's say you go to the office every weekday, do whatever it is you do there for 8 to way-too-many hours, and then every other Friday you get a paycheck from the company for the work you did. That's your earned income. Or, you are a Plumber, you go to the job site that called, you fix the problem and you get paid for the time it took you to finish the job. That is your earned income. Passive income, on the other hand is money that you acquire continuously and with little effort for a product, service or idea that you have completed in the past. A good example would be royalties you get from writing a book, for every copy of the book that sells you will get a percentage of the selling price. You didn't actually sell the book to the final consumer, but you did get paid for it through your publisher; the more books that sell the more income you make. Other ways to make passive income would be through receiving rent payments from a property you own.

There are many options and avenues for producing passive income especially with the Internet. For instance you could write a blog and post Google articles all over the pages of your site, visitors click these ads and you get paid a small amount from these advertisers. A much more profitable passive income opportunity online is with the IPC Program. The Independent Profit Center Program is a very simple system that allows you to earn money quickly and honestly. I have been with IPC for a short time now and I am pleasantly surprised at what this program does. They teach you everything you need to know and the money you can make is astonishing. You will Be amazed!

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