Panic Disorder in Adolescence- What You Need to Know

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013


Anyone can have panic disorder even children and adolescents. Panic disorder in adolescence is not a life threatening illness but it can affect their lives in so many ways. They experience extreme unrealistic fear that can affect their everyday activities. They are excessively worried and tense about so many things in school and their personal lives. They have unreasonable worries about their academic performance and other activities in school. These young people are very self-conscious that they need an assurance that nothing is wrong with them.

About 13% of young people experience some kind of anxiety or panic disorder. Children or adolescents with parents who have panic disorder are more likely to have the same disorder. It affects more women than men.

Panic disorder in adolescence can last for a long period of time and can result to different kinds of problems like low self-esteem, drug or alcohol abuse, skipping school, failure to finish school and anxiety disorder in adulthood. It is important to treat panic disorder as early as possible to avoid other problems.

Symptoms of panic disorder in adolescence include profuse sweating, chest pain, nausea, stomach discomfort, trembling and feeling of unreality. These disturbing symptoms interfere with their daily lives. If parents notice these symptoms in their adolescent son or daughter, they should talk to a mental health professional trained in dealing with panic disorder in adolescence. You need all the information about this disorder to help your child or adolescent overcome this disorder.

There are variety of treatments for panic disorder in adolescence like drug therapy, relaxation techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. Your child or adolescent do not have to live with terror or extreme fear because panic disorder is a treatable disease.

Finding the best treatment that will work for your child or adolescent is important to help them overcome the disturbing symptoms of panic disorder in adolescence. To learn about panic disorder natural treatment visit Panic Away

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