Our purpose on Earth

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


Logic suggests that who or whatever created humans did so for a reason. Everything else on this planet seems to have been made to carry out a specific function, so why not humans? Following this line of logic finding out the reason for our being here can help us discover our purpose, which in turn will determine how well we are measuring up to the task, for which we were designed. Any such purpose would have to go beyond the basic human function of staying alive. However, such a quest of self discovery seems to be low down on the human agenda of interesting things to do. Having said this, there is a growing number of people who, searching for a meaning to life that goes beyond their material existence, long for a sense of purpose, to give their existence reason. About this reason for being, for it to be effective, any human purpose has to be collective and for the betterment of all.
In the light of this it is unfortunate that the significance of our presence here on earth is, at worst, shrouded in fear and superstition and, at best, distorted by a deeply flawed entropic scientific logic that can only take us to a heat death finale. This is due to an unbalanced scientific world view that sees the universe to be a Newtonian clock winding down to eventual oblivion. This warped sense of reality is based on an incomplete understanding of the second law of thermodynamics that can only blind humanity to its purpose and thus its reason for being. However, the sentence imposed upon us all by science stems from the belief that everything in the universe is subject to the second law, which presupposes that the universe (which consists of hot lumps in cold space) will become nothing more than a frozen corpse thus, denying everything that is pro-life the fulfillment of its purpose.
Thousands of years ago, humans started asking questions like, From where do we come? Where are we going? And why is all this happening anyway? Many theories were tossed around with some of these becoming the basis for various religions. But, whatever spin was put on it, the answers could never be proven. As a matter of fact it is only in the last few decades that science has reached some conclusions concerning the first of this trinity of questions, that of determining the world's origin. Knowledge of whether we were fashioned by the unseen hand of some omnipresent god or came from a long line of monkeys can only be useful to us if it helps guide our way in the future. Whether we are the genetic offspring of colonizing space beings or a holographic imprint of a quantum life force, is only useful knowledge to us if it helps us fulfill our purpose here, whatever that happens to be.
Irrespective of What our purpose is, in order for us to fulfill the function we have to be designed in such a way to do so. In this sense 'form follows function'. In other words the job has to exist before a person carries out the task. It therefore follows that the form of anything, including humans, determines its function and purpose. Hence, as we have been given a specific form we have a particular function to fulfill.
Such was the belief of Immanuel Kant, who is arguably the most influential scientific philosopher in human history. He viewed the universe as the two domains of the noumenal and the phenomenal. Noumena, for Kant, represented a thing as it really is, while phenomena, an expression of Noumena, meant how something appears to us. We can never experience the Noumena (Greek Nous) directly, as it is the source of the light information received by our cellular senses. In this state reality is actually wavelike with no definition. Therefore, any sense of purpose we may derive can only be deduced from that which we can perceive in a particle reality. After all how can we make something our purpose if we have no comprehension of it? Now, in Kant's Noumena state things just are as they are, holistic and infinitely eternal, without any need for purpose, other than being self referential. Purpose only exists in the phenomenal realms as impressions that bombard our minds, senses and cellular receptors, as we continually receive new energetic information from our environment.
So that we can investigate this subject in greater depth we will move from the macro world of the planet to the micro functioning of the human cell. According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, in his seminar titled The Biology of Belief and Professor Robert Pope of the Science-Art Centre of Australia, in his Blueprint for survival-how to avoid extinction , the function of the human cell is to receive information (light) from the environment through receptor proteins in its membrane. This electromagnetic data is passed onto DNA, where it is reassembled accordingly. Therefore, the purpose of the cell, in fulfilling its function, is the furtherance of its evolution by collecting new information through its bio-photons, through which it effectively leaves a laser signature to move DNA and, thus, life towards infinity.
In Dr. Bruce Liptons paper “Evolution by bits and pieces we get a clearer picture concerning the human purpose on earth. He postulates that in the community known as humanity each person function is analogous to that of a single cell in the human organism. In the global view of the Earth as a living organism (Gaia), humans are the receptor equivalents in the Earth's surface membrane. Humans as receptors and effectors that assemble and integrate into patterned networks (communities) in the Earth's envelope, wherein they receive environmental signals and serve as switching mechanisms of the planet's membrane gates.
All life on earth functions as processing organisms but only us humans can actually use our consciousness to affect that which we process. We can affect our processing in either a negative or positive way according to how we think and our attitude to life. The choice is entirely ours. Thus our function as humans is to process the information we receive to guide the living process to infinity. Therefore our purpose can be seen as one of refining that which we process in order to fulfill our earthly function.
This being the case, how do we refine the information we are processing? The clue here lays with the ancient Greeks sense of purpose which was to develop a science to explain values such as: Love, Beauty, Compassion, Wisdom, Justice, and a form of ennobling government that came to be known as Democracy. Such high sentiments as a way of life are the very thoughts and actions that guide the life force towards infinity and thus fulfill the human purpose on Earth. The key word here is Love because Love brings Light and the light carries the necessary information we need to fulfill our human purpose.
Scientists at the Heart-math Institute are able to demonstrate this concept in their experiments, which graphically illustrate that the feeling states of 'Love and Fear' can be monitored and measured. Their findings show the feeling of Love as being a short and fast wave of emotion whilst Fear manifests as a long and slow wave of emotion. They discovered this by asking the questions: why are only 20 of our 64 known amino acids in the DNA chain activated? Why those 20? And what activates them in the first place?
A startling revelation took place when Love, viewed graphically as a short and fast wave of emotion wrapped itself around the double helix of DNA. Here it was found that the vibrational waveform of Love made connection with a greater number of potential coding sites, whereas the Fear wave had far fewer opportunities for the DNA helix and wave to touch. This means that positive feeling states, whatever they are, are crucial for turning on our genetic code for optimal health, mental, emotional and physical. Therefore, in order for humans to fulfill their purpose they have to be in a state optimum health and well-being, by having an increased number of their amino acids activated.
The biggest fear that stops us from fulfilling our purpose is the fear of change. As long as the social environment does not change significantly during the life of one generation, the ideas of a static God and a stationary world seem perfectly natural. Hence, when physical science appeared during the Age of Enlightenment, its task was considered to be the search for unchangeable laws. Like all good conservatives, many physicists clung to the eternal unchanging illusion, not only of laws, but also of the state of the world. Even Einstein initially thought, and always felt, in favour of a static universe. If taken consequently, this concept implies thermodynamic equilibrium by increasing the rate of entropy.
This thermodynamic equilibrium, Newton's Heat death Law of the universe, impedes humanity's purpose by prohibiting any reasoning about sustainable human growth and the development technologies within the workings of an infinite universe. The reversal of the heat death is called neg-entropy. Neg-entropy negates entropy by balancing it, hence its name. Entropy is the state of things tending towards chaos, which explains the reason for our confused world today. Neg-entropy and its association with human purpose has become such a complex issue that the old world view, which cannot deny the neg-entropic process, takes it to extremes within its own limited model of reality, thus accelerating humanity's demise.
However, with our new wave philosophy of Creative Physics scientists have shown, byfractal logic, that the living process is indeed linked to a creative and infinite flow of neg-entropic ever changing energy. Therefore, in order for us to fulfill our sacred purpose we must learn to love change and not fear it. Only then can we be purposeful on this planet. Even in Creative physics it is now accepted that there are no proofs to anything, just probabilities that are subject to change at any-time. Our purpose as humans on Earth therefore, like that of our cells, is to promote the life force towards infinity by our creative endeavors for the good of all. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin put it “The golden gates of the future will only open for everyone altogether, and not just for any chosen race, privileged few, or selected group.”

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