ONLINE EDUCATION (Educational Specialist)

Dr. Purushothaman
November 29, 2013

The Specialist in Education (Ed.S.) degree for educator preparation programs is a terminal degree program that advances educators in their instructional and leadership skills beyond the master's level of competence. The purpose of this applied degree is to extend the academic preparation and teaching skills of experienced classroom teachers and instructional leaders and to foster the application of these skills and abilities to a variety of educational settings. Persons interested in a research degree or a career in higher education are encouraged to consider the Doctor of Philosophy degree offered by the College of Education.

Early Childhood Education The Specialist in Education degree (Ed.S.) offered by the Department of Early Childhood Education is designed to prepare educational leaders who can make a difference in their school communities. Coursework, extensive internship experiences, and collaboration among school and university faculty combine to develop a program that supports and extends the professional growth of each candidate.

Prepare to become a transformational leader of educators with an education specialist degree. As a transformation leader, you can use analytical, critical, and innovative thinking to improve the performance of your educational institution. Not only is the Educational Specialist program designed to help you achieve your professional goals, it can also help you positively impact your school and community through education.
Find out how the School of Advanced Studies can prepare you to be a scholar-leader of educational institutions.

Educational Leadership The program for the major in educational leadership is designed to build the capacity of practicing administrators to lead their schools effectively. Applicants for the major must be full-time, practicing educational administrators. L-5 Educational Leadership certification is a prerequisite for entry into the program.
Teaching and Learning The Educational Specialist degree is a unique professional degree in the field of education, a degree that reflects a high level of knowledge and expertise. The Ed.S. program with a major in Teaching and Learning is intended for professional educators who demonstrate high levels of expertise in their areas of concentration and who wish both to develop those areas further and to develop themselves as inquirers, program leaders, and instructional specialists.

What you'll learn
The Educational Specialist program (Ed.S.) will prepare learners to become transformational leaders who will strategically manage and lead complex educational organizations. Graduates will be educational practitioners who demonstrate analytical, critical, and innovative thinking to improve the performance of educational institutions. The Educational Specialist program degree is consistent with the University's mission to develop the knowledge and skills that will enable learners to achieve their professional goals, improve the productivity of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities. The program is designed to emphasize leadership and to focus on a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction.

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