Old Age: How To Maintain Activeness

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


The lack of physical exercise is one of the big reasons why an aging adult's body lose much muscle mass and begin to deteriorate. The common practice for most people once they become retired is to rest most of the time in their homes and the prolonged sedentary lifestyle may cause the old person's muscles to become rigid and weak. An old person who has lived a long period of sedentary lifestyle after retirement has a higher chance of getting injured because of muscle rigidity and weakness.

Older people also have a higher chance of getting injured because of diseases and physical conditions that are linked to aging. Cardiac problems,
arthritis, poor eye sight and hearing are some of the common issues that may make an old person avoid much needed physical activities.

Effort is necessary for old people to maintain a peak physical condition all throughout their later years. If you want to help out someone who is having some problems maintaining the amount of physical activity in the later parts of their life, you should tell them about the following tips that will make it easier for them to maintain the needed exercise.

Aim to do things that you enjoy and not those that are monotonous

To avoid burning out, you should do activities that you love doing. Monotonous workouts like lifting weights should only be done if you love doing it.

Learn about the physical conditions that you have and how to manage them properly

All aging individuals should have a complete physical exam to learn what conditions are present in their bodies. No two individuals with aching joints are facing the same problem.

A common condition among old people is arthritis and this condition may be a symptom for other diseases like in the case of psoriatic arthritis. One of the best remedies for this kind of condition are NSAIDs. One of the remedies that is highly recommended online is provailen. One of its active ingredients is capsaicin which is naturally occurring and has no side effects.

Find a community that promote active lifestyle and join them

There are always communities devoted to working out. You will easily achieve your goals if you are doing it with other people.

Avoid overly intense exercises and make a habit of the ones you like

Burnouts and injuries should be avoided if you want to maintain your physical activity. You should avoid long breaks from exercise by making a habit out of your form of exercise.

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