Nourish Your Mind with Good Habits

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


A habit is simply a behaviour that we have performed so often that it becomes second nature and part of a comfort zone people have created for themselves. Human beings are all creatures of habit and most of us have our share of good and bad habits.
If your habits are encouraging, motivating, and empowering, you will leave a successful life. However, if your habits limit your performance, prevent you from achieving your goals and block all your potentials, chances are you not living a fulfilling life.

Can people really change their habits? The answer is, “No”, you can only replace your habits. For example, if you have the habit of procrastinating, replace it with a “Do It Now” habit. When you have a task to do, just do it now, don’t even wait for a second. Soon you will discover that you hardly procrastinate. Since human beings are slaves to habits, if makes logical sense that people should be slaves to good habits only.
How can you kick your bad habits?
First, you must be aware that your habit is a bad habit and limiting your performance.
Second, ask yourself why you want this habit to be replaced. The more good reasons you can think of, the higher the chances of getting it replaced.
Third, set a time frame to replace the habit. Most experts would advise a minimum of 21 days.
Fourth, set a new habit that will counter the bad habit.
Fifth, be very conscious of your new habit in the beginning. However, if you repeat the bad habit, tell yourself that you already have another habit to replace it.
Finally, enjoy your new habit and it will soon become part of you and the old habit will soon be forgotten.
How should you nourish your mind with good habits?
1) Each day, feed your mind with only positive thoughts. Your thoughts will soon define your character. Your mind is like your garden, you reap what you sow. Your positive thoughts will soon harvest the results that you have planted. Remember, positive thought always energise your mind with the right energy to be the best.
2) Listen to your words. Every word that you say will have an impact on your life. If your words are always negative, you are feeding your mind the wrong food. If your words are always encouraging and motivating, your mind will start to prosper.
3) Be conscious of your actions. They determine whether you are achieving what you want.
4) Read a motivational book at least once a month or read a motivational quote at least once a day.
5) Listen to motivational CDs or inspiring songs while you are driving or taking a public transport.
6) Exercising your mental muscle by visualizing your goals three times a day.
It is responsibility to nourish your mind with the right food (habits). No one else is responsible for your success.

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