My Life Purpose, Life Lesson and Core Fear

Dr. Purushothaman
November 28, 2013


How do I discover my Life Purpose? Do I really have a Life Lesson to learn?
And what is my Core Fear?

Recall the words of that unforgettable song:
Que sera, sera.
Whatever will be will be.
The future's not ours to see.
Que sera, sera.
What will be, will be!

So do we have no say in what will be? Or do we actually create what we experience in life? These are core questions you must take the time and consideration to answer, for they are the key to living your life to the very fullest version of who you want to Become.

If you do not choose to do so, and live without defining your life purpose, you live at great cost to yourself and at inestimable loss for those from whom you withhold your unique and precious wisdom and gifts.

It takes immense courage and clarity to define your Life Purpose, because soon after you do, you will have to face your Core Life Fear based on your Core Life Lesson. We have all come here to experience the dichotomy of life and the polarity of choices. By that I mean when we choose one option to live out, we will inevitably meet up with the challenge for growth that choice stirs up.

For instance, you may believe you were born to sing and entertain. You must overcome stage fright, peer pressure, parental or spousal disapproval and any number of other challenges. With the Choice comes the Risk. It comes with no guarantees that you have chosen correctly.

When you make a Life Purpose choice and determine to follow through with it, you will find you have to burn your bridges behind you. There will be no turning back and no guarantees of success. Scary, huh? No-one can walk this road for you.

But you knew this when you decided to experience life on this planet at this time, and you came for the joy of the experience of discovering who you can Become. When you work from the core of Who You Are, what others think of you becomes insignificant. You do not need nor even expect outside approval. If love is your guide, you cannot hurt anyone else, for you will align with their higher plan.

And when you face your core challenge, inevitably about who you are, your self identity, you may crumble in fear, retreat and wait for another day to face your quest.

But you can rise again and again and again, that's what is so wonderful about life as we know it. Eventually you will 'get it' and you will walk tall and free.

It is never a matter of how, but only of willingness to be the highest expression of who you want to be. There is no end to the process, just ongoing expansion in love, joy, and embracement of what experiences you attract and create in your life.

One thing is pretty much guaranteed. While it is wise to make plans, even the best plans are only guidelines; there are just too many factors over which you have no control in your life, especially other people. Just watch what turns up for you each day, and be amazed.

Face up to taking a risk, to stepping into your Life Purpose. Step up, even though to love is to risk loss, pain or rejection; and to go forward in the face of overwhelming odds is to risk failure. Risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. If you do not take a risk you will never fully appreciate the wonder of life, nor will you experience the joy of passion or the fulfillment of love.

Your Life Purpose, Core Challenge and Core Fear are steps you can choose to embrace or bypass. One path will lead to the realization of your full potential and you will reach the very stars, and the other will simply allow you to choose again at some later date. There is no right or wrong, but simply a choice. It's up to you.

Find your passion and make that choice. We're all waiting for your gift to us.

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