Mind Mapping Online Learning

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Mind Map is viewed as a modern construct though it would be more accurate to say that it is a popular modern tool. A student may find the technique overwhelming as it involves a lot of work just constructing it. Usage of colors and visual representations need a certain amount of organization. For instance in History dates can be chronologically organized so that the memory triggers are also organized in a logical manner. Whereas in Mathematics it helps in sequencing the understanding of concepts so that the learner can grasp more topics and relate to Mathematical concepts more logically. This strengthens the reinforcement of concepts because in Mathematics learners often understand concepts but when it comes to solving problems they find it difficult to recollect the steps towards phrasing the problem.
Mathematics uses logic as a tool and the thought process can be sequenced using mind maps. This is a rather strange way of dealing with Mathematics but it works for students as logical thinking gets strengthened. Each topic in Mathematics employs a certain style of thinking. This style of thinking can be captured using mind maps in the form of abbreviations. Mind map encourages brain storming approaches to organizational tasks. Mind Map was marketed successfully through BBC in the 1970s. It was thought to have been inspired also by what is known as idea sunbursting. There are white spider diagrams and black spider diagrams and these techniques, very similar to mind mapping, are studied by educators.
All mind map techniques have a common link. They are centric approaches where the main idea is usually placed in the center. What would seem like difficult and abstruse becomes easier to relate to by picturing it and coloring it logically. Coloring can be done in such a way that there is a rationale behind the choice of each color. The thought at the center is called the key thought and the branches are known as secondary branches. The mind map can be used to mirror your style of thinking in such a way that it can capture formal mathematical thinking as well. The universal key is provided by the graphic representations themselves to get you to identify with what you are representing. Mind maps have theoretical implications about the brain. They represent the brains natural architecture and have been thought to link humans and plants by ethno-biologists. Online tutoring provides you with technology to represent what you are learning and you get to learn additional tools to represent knowledge that is a treasure to possess.

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