Mind Management Success

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


By Andy Ng, Business Coach and Trainer at Asia Trainers
What is Mind Management? It is simply managing your mind so that you will be happy, successful and effective.
As we know, the mind is everything. The mind is on top of our body in that it can do wonders that our body normally cannot do. Like the people that are able to overcome their limited bodily weakness to lift themselves out of the rubble when they are stuck in an earthquake.
The mind is the willingness that determines our ability.
The mind is not an organ like our heart, nor is something inside our brain. The mind is in everywhere, our hands, legs, fingers, body, hair, etc all have a mind of its own. So if you can manage your mind, you can manage everything. This short articles aims to give readers a quick and simple way to manage you mind. Because we at Asia Trainers believe that you don't need to be doctor in psychology to master your mind, neither do you need to be meditating everyday to control your own mind.
Mind Management is about 3 things:
1. Understand that the way you see things, i.e. your view or perspective, will affect your state, i.e. how you feel. We know that how you feel will determine what you do. For example, if you see a glass of water as half-empty, you will feel less satisfied than a person that sees the glass as half-full.
We know that there is always more than one way of seeing things. Not just sometimes, but always.
You may feel at times as if you have no choice, but this is actually an illusion. For different people will see things differently, so how can there by only one way of seeing things?
Once you understand this principle, you will keep an open mind and not be bounded by one way of seeing things. This is what they call Positive Thinking or Think Different.
2. Understand that when you change your view, your state will change. And when you change your state, your view will change. Like when you change the way look at the glass from half-empty to half-full, your state or mood will be better. When you are in a good mood, you will see everything as more positive, so the glass will appear to be half-full to you.
3. Work on your mind. By improving your mind, you will change the way you see things, and when your perspective change, your state will also change. Like a person that is careless, he can work on his mind by constantly reminding himself to be careful. Once he is more careful, he will feel more confident. With confidence, his state or mood will be better and he will feel happier.
How to work on your mind? There are only 2 steps: Valuing Yourself and Change.
a. You need to value yourself independently of your achievements. Understand that each of us have a certain value and our value cannot be affected by your achievements. For example, if you get retrenched in our job, your value as a person (like your attitude, your integrity) is still the same. But if you let your value as a person be affected by your failure, your are allowing that failure to affect your mind.
b. Change. After valuing yourself in spite of what happen, you need to change. Like after being retrenched, you still value yourself the same as before, you feel confident. But you also need to change your work strategy to prevent a recurrence of retrenchment.
Although the above 2 steps of working on your mind is so simple, the sad thing is that most people do the opposite: they don't value themselves after a setback and worse still, they don't change, and when the future setback occurs, they just resigned to fate and give up.
In short, the above 3 simple steps of managing your mind gives us ready tools to tackle any challenge, be it the economy, our relationships, our health or our career. Remember to use them in your next life encounter and you will be more effective, successful and happy in life. Happy managing your mind!

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