Mind Control

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Mind control [http://mind--control.blogspot.com]
An article by Skeeter
There are two parts of the brain as we all know; the left and the right. Now somewhere inside the brain is our mind. The actual part that holds our emotions and memories. The mind is part of our soul and is who we are. What we need to discover is the many layers of the mind. The mind has two parts also; the conscious and the sub-conscious. The sub-conscious normally does mind control of our conscious mind, and this results in our behavior. What we all need to discover is how the conscious mind can be used to control the sub-conscious mind. This is a good mind control secret that I will try to reveal to you.
You see the subconscious mind does not know the difference between a real experience and a vividly imagined one. This is how we have been able to defeat many diseases by using imagery. We trick the sub-conscious mind into believing that what we are imagining is real. Once you affect the belief system the sub-conscious mind goes to work getting all our healing powers working and probably using energy that we're not even aware of. The sub-conscious mind takes over and miraculous things happen. There are many stories about placebo pills curing someone of a disease, some that were even life threatening. So how do we fool our sub-conscious into doing what we require?
Our sub-conscious mind holds the creative mind, the part of our mind that takes all the information in our memory bank and creates what it thinks we want from that information including self-image. It doesn't question anything, it believes what it is told. The sub-conscious then uses all our abilities to get what it thinks we want.
For example if you have a belief that you are a loser, the creative mind will keep creating ways for you to lose no matter how hard we try on the conscious level to use mind control. It will guide you, on the sub-conscious level, in the wrong direction. Hearing about people who keep choosing the same kind of mates, that are not good for them is not surprising when you understand this. Some people are successful in achieving financial wealth but their love relationships are poor or non existent, and there is the exact reverse. Great love relationships but their relationships with money are less than desirable. You see if there is information in your sub-conscious that believes something is for your survival, no matter how bad it is for you, your sub-conscious mind is going to do every thing it can to make sure you get it. Alcoholism is a good example of this.
On the other hand, if you believe you are lucky, then again your sub-conscious mind will exercise its control and you will have some unbelievable luck. We all know someone who seems to be always lucky.
So as you can see, we all need to discover mind control. The question then becomes; How? There are many self help or self improvement books out there. Taking the time to read them all would be a lifetime undertaking. Some people try to find mind control but find they cannot as they have artificial memories that block their path. Our parents and teachers usually implant these memories on us. These memories are labeled belief. Some beliefs are good for us and some bad. I cannot even scratch the surface of what is good or bad, as it is about perspectives.

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