Mind Control Marketing: How And Why It Works

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


When we sell something, we do so with the desire to get it purchased by another party for a specific set price. However, the market is full of competition with the availability of other products. An effective marketer should be able to come up with strategies to make the consumers cast their purchasing power on the specified product. One such way is with the use of mind control marketing.
The mind is a thinking being on its own. It has the capacity to make decisions, which the body works on. The bases of such decisions are certain perceptions of the self and the surroundings. People form a kind of filtering in their thinking wherein they ask themselves questions pertaining to a specific situation. A unique characteristic of this filtering process is that it is absolutely done unconsciously. The results can, however, be manifested in one's actions and overall behavior.
The works of mind control attack the human mind. With the use of effective techniques, it is very easy to make a person believe something as it is presented. The specific process cannot be perceived by the eyes though.
Basically, mind control works and is used in various instances and for various purposes. It can be shown even in the most mundane tasks of everyday life such as convincing a child to eat specific foods instead of other ones. More so, its capacity to influence one's mind can be as potent as being able to control superior power in the society.
Intrinsically, mind control is not something bad at all. It can be considered purely neutral in its most basic form. It is with the intention and how it is used that the colors of mind control change. Its various uses led it to become a very powerful tool in the different aspects of life and living.
Mind control is a very effective tool in the field of marketing. It is, after all, the brain and the mind that makes up the final say on whether to go or not for a specific product. This is why the knowledge and ample skills on making use of mind control is a treasure for marketers and the likes. Although there is an attack against this concept considering the value of a person's freedom and independence, there is no proof enough to consider the practice of mind control illegal or even simply destructive to a specific point.
The perfect use of mind control in marketing is with the use of visualizations. TV commercials, billboards and posters are just a few of the application of visual mind control. With the positive things included in these medium, one can simply bring about good things about the specific product. Unless a negative experience is present to counter them, such mind control technique is very effective in every sense of the word.
Mind control can be a very powerful tool in any, if not all, fields in life. There is a tendency that people might get too obsessed with the concept and be totally drunk with the power it entails. Thus, it should be borne in mind the wisdom in the words of Spiderman's Uncle Ben that with great power comes great responsibility.

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