Meditation Trek in the Lower Everest Region of the Nepal Himalayas

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


Meditation is the key to liberation, to freedom, to Love, to wisdom. If you can meditate for at least an hour or two a day, not to mention more, and attain a state of no mind, shedding the curtailments of the mind, in a way to become one without mind, you will gather all the fruit of this elated state. You will gain so much energy that this energy will keep you vibrant, imaginative, productive. That energy will allow you to see reality, the beauty of the way of life, the joy of life, the realization and remembrance of things that matter.

Meditation is a mind that focuses on an ethical goal, and that is the main cause of a emotional harmony, joy, love, and compassion. The practice of meditation is a way for our mind to become familiar with good values, character and the best quality of life there is. The more attuned our mind becomes with what is "good", in harmony of all the positive energies, the more mellow and more relaxed it becomes.
When our mind is peaceful, we are free from problems, free from hurting, and suffering psychological pain, and as a result we encounter the state of true happiness.

If we instruct our mind to become tranquil we shell be happy all the time, even under the most agonizing conditions, but if our mind is not calm and at peace, then even if surrounded by paradise we shall feel pain and discontent, and rarely if ever be satisfied. Therefore, it is important to practice meditation, as whenever we meditate, we are nearing a state that renders us to experience inner peace, at present and in the future.

Day and night, throughout our life, we usually experience delusions, the confusions of a conscious mind, which are the opposite to emotional contentment, even despite that on occasion we may sense the experience of inner harmony. This may be a result of in our prior existence we might had centered our mind on good intentions.

An appealing premium target is one that provokes us to develop a peaceful mind when we place emphasis on it. If we concentrate on a purpose that causes us to produce non-peaceful mind, such as fury, bond or an attachment to things, arrogance and egotistic mind, all these are symptoms of our non-virtuous mind, many forms of a vice.

Buddha showed us that meditation provides two things. It can provide for achievement of wisdom, and it brings liberation. Wisdom and freedom are like two flowers, and they expand out of mediation. When you become silent, completely soundless, your mind still, you attain a state beyond the mind, and the two flowers will prosper within you. Having attained wisdom, you know what is and what is not. And knowing true freedom, you know now there are no longer any limitations on you, either of time or space. You become open-minded.
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Practice calmness and empathy, and trek in Solu, the lower of the Everest Region of Solukhumbu. Truly one of a kind experience, the Nepal meditation trek allows you to savor wonderful vistas of some of the most impressive mountains of the Nepal Himalaya. Interact with the Sherpa people, gain an insight into their life-style, traditions and culture. Above all, meditate and join ceremonies with monks and nuns of the local monasteries, and receive teachings on the Four Noble Truth and other precepts of Buddhism.

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