Meditation Techniques Follow a Logical Step By Step Process

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


When you have made the decision to imbibe meditation as a way of life, it would become pertinent to know of the meditation techniques to employ in this activity. Meditation techniques vary according to the originating influence of the particular meditation school involved. Most religious practice have developed their own peculiar meditation techniques, however, meditation in itself need not have any religious leanings whatsoever; and meditation techniques have been developed by several meditation centers that are not religiously connected in any way. Meditation techniques [] need not be elaborate in any way, and may be easily adopted by those with a sincere desire to adopt the practice of meditation. Meditation is basically a way through which the individual can achieve a state of calmness of the mind which is characterized by feelings of peace, love and happiness, despite the prevailing situation or circumstances you find yourself in at any given moment. When you practice meditation using proper meditation techniques, you will be able to approach the certain difficulties of life without unnecessary fretting and worry.

Z Meditation is a meditation center based in the Himalayas of India where the meditation techniques employed are known as Deep DeConditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras. These meditation techniques follow a logical step by step process through which the student will learn how to disabuse her mind from harmful conditioning in her thinking and thought patterns. These wrong ways of thinking are usually based on desires, beliefs and expectations. The meditation techniques taught at the Z Meditation center allow you to let go of these wrong beliefs and free your mind and therefore enabling you to give your best effort in any given situation while not worrying or anxious about the outcome of your actions.

Any one who wishes to take up the practice of meditation needs to come forward with a sincere conviction as well as a disciplined mindset to be able to benefit from the meditation techniques which she will learn from experienced and established meditation teachers. This discipline and sincerity is essential as meditation is not a one off course which you attend, but a life long way of living. Moreover, though the results of practicing meditation techniques may begin to be observed in the individual within a few days of working, it will take a while and consistent practice for the individual to reach a state of complete awareness from which there can be no return. By this time, the practice of meditation techniques would have been so integrated within you, that it will be carried out naturally at regular intervals throughout the day.

Meditation techniques do not demand any esoteric postures or chanting as is erroneously believed by some of us. The prerequisites are setting aside at least an hour a day for the practice, while being mindful of oneself and your thinking pattern throughout the day. Z Meditation’s meditation techniques encourage you to dig deep within and ponder over the reasons and use of certain beliefs and other general conditionings. When you have come to realize the futility of these unnecessary thought patterns, it will be easy to give them up and attain a state of bliss.
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