Meditation is Best Practiced in a Quiet and Serene Environment

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


Meditation is a practice which has endured for centuries and has been known to be beneficial to the overall holistic health of those who take it as a daily practice. The benefits of meditation include the ability to facilitate the lowering of blood pressure, the improvement of exercise performance, and the relief of insomnia, amongst many much more. The greatest attribute of meditation which can be appreciated by almost everyone is the way it works to relax the everyday stresses of life which are a part of modern day living. A simple but profound practice, meditation has its roots in religion with almost every known religion having its own specialized form of meditation []. The practice has developed to the stage however where it is different and distinct from any religious practice. In India, there are several meditation centers that have no affiliation whatsoever with any religious body, including the Z Meditation center.

To balance your physical, emotional and spiritual states, the practice of meditation is a very safe and simple way out. We speak of holistic health because it has been proven that many of the ailments which affect the body physically and mentally are rooted in an unbalanced state of mind which is the control center of the emotions. Therefore, working to calm the mind through the dedicated practice of meditation will result in noticeable improvement in physical and mental health.

For the beginner, it is imperative that meditation is learnt from a dedicated, experienced and established teacher like those at Z Meditation. The teachers at Z Meditation will take you through a process using techniques known as Deep Deconditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras to enable the student remove from her mind the wrong knowledge which she has unwittingly been conditioned with over many years, to achieve a state of peace, happiness and love within her heart and mind, With this new state of self awareness, the student is better able to cope with life's exigencies as they come without unnecessary turmoil within their mind.

Meditation is best practiced in a quiet and serene environment, especially for the beginner. Such surroundings are what are provided by Z Meditation at their center which is located in the well known Himalayas of India. Breathtaking views and a peace and quiet second to none will allow the student to dig far within to come in contact with his real self in surroundings that are as close to nature as can be possible. The comfort of the student is well taken care of and students of meditation coming to the Z Meditation center need not burden themselves with unnecessary baggage.

The prospective student of meditation needs to be totally and completely convinced of the need to free herself from wrong knowledge and embrace the true knowledge; with the belief within that the practice of meditation will help her to achieve this. The level of progress the typical student makes in the process of self awareness is a function of how much inner conviction the individual possesses.

Meditation has been scientifically proven to work in the quest for the overall healthy well being of the person.

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