Meditation Books - An Alternative Way of Learning and Practicing Meditation

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


We all have within our reach the means to become totally free. Free from the burden of a clouded mind occasioned by years of conditioning from our environment and associates, which is the major root cause of most physical and mental ailments experienced by people. Meditation as practiced and taught by Z Meditation, using the techniques of Deep Deconditioning and Radiant Mantras is a sure way out of the bondage of the mind into a blissful state of peace and happiness; and can be learnt about through Meditation books [] made available by Z Meditation. Meditation books are an alternative way of learning about and practicing meditation for the individual who is unable for a variety of reasons to attend Meditation courses and retreats offered by Z Meditation.

Books are one of the best known avenues for acquiring knowledge and it is recommended that every individual reads at least one book every week. How much more would one progress if the individual is reading material that would actually open up his or her receptive ability for other information, from other books and other sources. This will be the benefit of reading and studying meditation books made available from Z Meditation. Meditation books [] will help you to discover for yourself the immense benefits of meditation, which hopefully will lead to the personal practice of meditation, and ultimately, an advanced learning experience at a meditation retreat or course such as those provided by Z Meditation in their location in a small town in the legendary Himalayas.

An example of the meditation books available from Z Meditation is titled "The Art of Deconditioning", written by Ajay Kapoor, one of the teachers at Z Meditation center for meditation awareness and studies. This book, which is written in a simple enough to read format, describes to the student reader the methods and processes she will need to put herself through to achieve a deconditioning of the mind, that is to clear the dark clouds of misplaced learning and conditioning, replacing it with a clean slate which allows for clear thinking that permits the ability to cope with the daily difficulties we all face. This process can be likened to the calming of murky waters which are churning. When the waters become calm, the dirt and other impurities settle to the bottom of the body, leaving clear waters that are pleasing to the eye. It is the calming of the mind that is the ultimate purpose of meditation, approached through different means.

The aspiring student of meditation need not be overwhelmed with perceived difficulties in learning the process of meditation. The most important part of the learning process is the beginning - the student should and must have a personal conviction that meditation is a suitable and viable means through which he can achieve genuine freedom. With this determined resolve, a dedication to the imbibing of the required processes will be developed and the student will be able to develop skills of practicing meditation on a daily basis, sometimes more than once in a day. This level of skill may be achieved through several means, including the studying of Meditation books like those available from Z Meditation.
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