Meditation and Your Posture

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


You will find a whole lot of information about the benefits of meditation but only a few will tell you about the ways to do it and even fewer will provide you information regarding the right ways to do it. Like medical treatments, there is no point doing mediation if you are not following the correct way.
Professionals who practice and teach different types of energy healing courses like Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Pellowah and others have been working upon these techniques for years to excel in them and become capable of teaching them.
Many people who practice these techniques fail to achieve the benefits of these techniques due to improper ways of doing them. Your posture or the way you sit is a very important aspect of the whole process. In simplest words, meditation can be defined as a way to focus your mind on a single point and winning control over your attention. As the mind controls all your body, it is not only the mind which is at rest however the whole body gets into a position of rest during meditation.
Why the right posture is important
While attending a meditation course, the first thing told to you will be to sit in a particular way. This is because the way you sit has a great influence over the process. The life-supporting energy present in your body tends to travel upwards through the spine towards the brain. So the straighter you sit, the easier it will be for the energy to flow upwards. Consequently, you will find it easier to achieve the state of mind that will provide you complete physical as well as emotional balance.
Why people find it difficult to sit straight
You must have experienced muscular pain and stiffness if you start exercising after a long time interval. This is because your body had become habitual of less work out. Same is the case with meditation. Generally, while watching TV at home or working on the PC in the office, we tend to lean back or slouch forwards. This makes us develop a poor posture and weaken our muscles. When suddenly we make ourselves sit straight, we experience a pain and fatigue in our lower back. Another problem is stiffness in the knees. Due to fewer workouts, our joints become stiff and squeaky due to which we have an urge to change our posture after regular intervals of time.
While meditating, keep these points in mind -
Keep your head and neck aligned to your back
Maintain a small distance between your upper and lower jaw
Extend your neck which will let you keep your back straight
Keep your chin parallel to the floor
If you experience pain in your back, rest for a few minutes and then again straighten up your back
After a few days of practice of sitting straight, you will notice that surprisingly sitting straight has become your regular posture while leaning backwards or slouching forward gives you back pain!
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