Meditate for Beginners - Turn Off Your Mental Radio

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


The desire to meditate for beginners [] has a truly evil enemy called mind chatter. Think of it like your own mental radio.
Yes. It's really terrible!
You sit on your favorite meditation place and begin to meditate. All motivated. And after entering a bit into meditation, your mind drifts off, and you start to reflect about why your boss was so annoying yesterday regarding that e-mail you sent to that client. That gets you to a different thought, and at that point your mind has wandered off for good. Suddenly you're not meditating anymore. You're just thinking. Or worse, worrying.
What's happening is that you are attacked by your own thoughts.
Once you realize this, you pull yourself back to meditation. You diligently focus on your breath, as you should do when meditating. But then, after a bit of time, it gets boring and your mind drifts again. You don't even know what happened, and you suddenly start to think about that cheese that's missing from the fridge that your wife asked you about, and that you really need to go out and buy.
That's how your mind works. You get this constant background chatter that never stops. This is when most people give up with meditation. Since they don't know how to turn their chatter off.
But fear not! The presence of mind chatter is the true measure of how much you actually need meditation! That chatter is what drives you crazy every day. It's your mind, speeding too fast, and not giving you a break. Your mind chatter is the reason why you really want to practice meditation as a start.
So, what should you do when you get attacked by thoughts and have your mind filled with chatter?
First thing, relax. Hope is not lost. You just want to wait there and relax. If a thought gets at you, don't worry. Let it run by. Let it go wild with your mind. Let it have fun with your mind as much as it wants. Then at some point that thought will be done. It will begin to lose its energy, and it will finally fade off.
That is the most important moment! When a thought fades off, you have a chance to discover true meditation. Mind you, there's going to be another incoming thought queued up and ready to enter your head.You are going another incoming thought right away. Thoughts come in trains.
But there's going to be a space between them.
Be on the look for that silence! Look for that space between thoughts. And you'll find the precious clue that will show you the portal to discovering what meditation really is. That wonderful feeling of depth. Of being in contact with yourself, which is so exciting and beautiful.
Once you start to do this constantly, the space between your thoughts will increasingly become wider and wider. You'll finally reach a point where you are in control, and you'll know what to look for in meditation: that silence, that stillness. That's what meditation is all about.
The chatter is your enemy. And it's funny how the best way to fight it is just by ignoring it. If you ignore your mind chatter, it will lose its energy. And  will end up leaving you alone.
This is true not only during meditation, but also in everyday life. If you defeat your mental radio, you'll end up being stronger, and more self-confident, as you won't be slave of your mind chatter anymore.
Once you conquer victory on mind chatter you'll start to wonder how you could live before without going mad. How fast your mind went. How fast you ran. How fast you multitasked. That's the true measure of how fast you stress yourself every day.
This is the true meaning of meditation. To realize that the mind shouldn't run that fast. That it really needs to slow down and to focus just on one thing at a time.
About the Author
Mark is a beginner meditator as well as a busy entrepreneur. He's looking to find inner piece, and to reach his true self through meditation. He's documenting his journey of online meditation on his blog, meditate for beginners.

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