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Dr. Purushothaman
August 26, 2013

At any given moment, you are either a cause or an effect. Are you consciously creating your goals in life? Or have you become the effect of what other people create and merely respond to the fallout of their creations?

You either act or react. To act and physically manifest in the world is why you have a physical body. Otherwise, you would have just as well stayed in the world of spirit.

Living life fully involves making a conscious commitment to the act of creation. Do you head for the gym, or just jot down the umpteenth game plan of getting in shape? Do you send the manuscript to the publisher, or continue to polish it?

What Prevents You From Creating?
There are a lot of things that can prevent a person from creating. Sometimes internal dramas get in the way. Sometimes people give their power away to others. Sometimes people make excuses like, “I’ll just accept whatever is God’s will”. They forget that God helps those who help themselves.

Staying TOO Busy Can Be A Distraction
That doesn’t mean to say that a person should go to the extreme of being frenetically busy busy busy! When a person is too busy in their life, they might not be focused on what they want for themselves. They might allow the busyness to distract them and lose sight of what it is that is important to them.

Be Clear About What You Want
Being aware of your path is important. Being clear about what you want in your life is the first step. Clarity plants the seeds of change in your garden. In order for your goals to manifest, you need some ongoing daily focus. When you can clearly focus on your goals, they manifest without effort.

Set Aside Time to Connect With Yourself
Setting aside time each day to slow down, go within and remember who you are and what you want is important. For some people this daily arena will be easy to create. For others, it may need a bit of discipline. Daily inner timeout is valuable. It allows you to say ‘hello’ to yourself, connect with your body and clarify your goals.

Create From Your Clear Source Within
A daily inner practice reconnects you with that clear source within that allows you to create. From this place, you water your garden allowing your dreams to flower. It allows you to drain away false dreams and the loss of power that can slow you down.

In this place, you begin to recognize where you have been living other peoples dreams and not your own. You might notice how some old beliefs have held you captive. In releasing the effect of life’s dramas, you can be in present time and be consciously aware of what you desire to create.

Things Happen!
When you reconnect to your clear source within, old dreams may be resurrected and activated with present time feelings and beliefs. As you release outmoded thoughts, beliefs, and goals, you are ready to take the next step. When you do take things from awareness to action, the act of commitment to your goal and creation summons a great response from the universe. Things begin to happen. Your goals manifest like magic!

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