Marriage Relationships


Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


One of the greatest joys and challenges of conscious, intimate relationships is that when we answer the call to love, we are invited to expand upon who we think we are, who we have been and what we feel and think we are capable of.
All healthy marriage relationships require consistent, ongoing, conscious attention to survive and thrive. It is a simple fact that whenever we put our attention on something, we are choosing to create more of it.
Bonding is a basic human need. We are most bonded with other people in a marriage relationship when we are touching and also maintaining eye contact.
Recent research indicates that during the early stages of being in love, our brains may secrete a powerful amphetamine-like neurotransmitter called phenyl ethylamine, bathing our central nervous system with an overdose of nature's most potent love cocktail.
When we return to earth, however, we are left with our vision of who we can be and the reality of who we think we are. Listen to understand: even if you don't agree with what you're partner is saying, pay attention and listen to it.
Many people are baffled when they find themselves experiencing the same type of marriage relationship problems, over and over again, with different partners or the same partner. They often conclude that it's the partner that is the problem, and feel victimized by the ubiquity of this issue. Our journey continues to expand and deepen.
So what can we do to stop hurting the one we love? We all have to take responsibility for getting clear and resolving our own emotional hurts from the past. We need to learn how to make it safe for our partners to express how they feel in the marriage.
Figure out where your fears are coming from. If this is not your first time down the aisle, think back over the things you would have changed or done differently.
Commitment to the truth in a marriage relationship can be uncomfortable and scary at times, but it is also the surest path to ongoing growth and deepening connection available to conscious marriage relationship partners. We encourage everyone to make that commitment and pass it on through words and deeds to your children.
We are all capable of greater acts of love and truth than we may believe. Studies show that children from broken families are twice as likely to have emotional and physical health problems.
On a serious note, I come to know every other day about how couples are getting divorced without even completing a year together. The older generation won't even hear of such a thing! Usually back then, the women folk used to remain quiet while the husbands made all the important decisions.
As many married couples know, there's good reason to invest the time into a good marriage relationship. People who are in healthy, happy marriages have less stress, better health and are better able to deal with the challenges of life.
There's nothing like a perfect partner at first but with time by compromising and making little adjustments you can make your marriage just perfect!
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