Making Smart Choices Will Change Your Life

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Making Smart Choices Will Change Your Life
For many years I've made wrong food choices, along with poor exercise habits, and it hurt me physically, mentally, and put a damper on my self image and self esteem.
It hurt me and my relationships, a lot! Believe it or not I think it hurt me in all aspects of my life. Now that I feel GREAT about myself and body, I am a better mom, daughter, sister, and lover.
I want to share with you Two very important HABITS that you should have in your life.
To this day I'm 100% better in this area, but still far from perfect.
I work on it daily and still struggle.
Listen to this choice that I am presenting you with closely because it is very important to your future well-being.
In life you need consistently and you need to follow through. Good Examples of these would be learning proper eating habit, exercise, and setting goals to get started, changing your lifestyle and being consistent, and finally having the strength and will power to follow through. There may be a time when you drop the ball, and have a few bad days, but don't beat yourself up. Pick the ball up, and get going. Get back on track to achieve your weight loss, health and fitness. I understand how difficult this is. But set your goals, be consistent, and follow through even though you experience a set back. It is worth the hard work. When you feel great about your weight, health, fitness, and LOVE your body you feel that you are on top of the world, or as I'll be on fire.
Let me say it again.
***In life you are either CONSISTENT and FOLLOW THROUGH, or you're a chronic failure. Do you start something, work on it a few days, until it becomes a little difficult, and than you give up. How many diet and exercise programs have you started? How many gym memberships have you purchased only to stop working out after the first month. How often do you start the newest and latest diet? If you are like most women, it is a few times each year. It is not a diet, or gym membership, it is a lifestyle change, and you must be consistent and follow through. Remember never give up!
It's a choice that you and I make on a daily basis in our life.
Consistent doesn't mean being perfect. Not at all.
Consistent means, that if you have 2 or 3 bad days and you drop the ball, you pick it up and keep moving forward.
I can't count how many times I started a diet and exercise program and then just stopped.
The attempts are countless and I have been hurt by this failure..
Consistency and the ability to follow through with your plan are the major keys to success. There is no doubt about that.
Going for your goals and dreams brings obstacles and challenges. If you learn from your mistakes, you will eventually grab the prize of good health, weight loss, looking and feeling great.
Many of us have had moments of not being CONSISTENT. We start and stop, start and stop a million different times.
This happens because we never give ourselves the true opportunity to reach our goals. Feel healthy and look GREAT! We are constantly struggling just to achieve them.
It's our choice. Think about the goal you have and what you want to achieve.
Ask yourself:
Will I be consistent and follow through or will I be a chronic failure? Our life is made up of choices and THIS one is very important.
I believe in you. I believe you were born to look great and YOU deserve it!
Stretch yourself a little each day and work for what you want.
Are you in or in? I thought so. Go for it!

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