Making a Mark and Not a Stain: How to Live Out Your Life Purpose and Leave a Legacy

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013

Making a Mark and Not a Stain: How to Live Out Your Life Purpose and Leave a Legacy
"The more unlimited you become, the faster you will achieve everything you desire in life.
"The most unlimited ones have the greatest power, freedom and wealth in the world. The more unlimited you want to be, the more unlimited your mind must become...The ultimate enlightenment is to overcome all limitations that get in the way of being, doing and having all that we truly want."- Enoch Tan
Do you want to make a mark and not a stain? Do you want leave behind a legacy? Do you want to be an inspiration for others? To do these things and much more you need to overcome the self-imposed and other limitations which appear to be holding you back. How do you do this? You need to gradually renew and change your thinking [] so that you can change your world.
Your reality is simply an outward reflection of what is truly going on in your subconscious mind. Your world is limiting and constricting because your mind is. When you change your mindset you are hacking the matrix of your reality. Remember that movie called The Matrix. I did not, at first, totally understand that the movie was trying to communicate the point that you must first change your thought life before you can change the world around you. The characters in the movie appeared to have no control over their reality until they used the power of their thoughts via a machine. Their thoughts allowed them to overcome every limitation, setback, obstacle and hindrance. They appeared to be invincible. When they no longer used the power of their thoughts, then they were once again mere mortals. When you harness the power of your thoughts by renewing your mind to see things from a Divine perspective (which is not hindered by limitations or barriers) then no one and nothing can prevent you from becoming and achieving what you ought to be. No one will be able to stop you but you.
To paraphrase Enoch Tan, the "most unlimited ones" are able to achieve, accomplish, possess and be more. You leave a mark or impression on this earth when you become unlimited in your thinking and achieve things which others thought were impossible. When you effectively do this, you are then able to leave a legacy of accomplishments that will be an inspiration for all. You become an inspiration and leave a legacy when you refuse to be hindered or stopped by the matrix. You refused to be stopped by the matrix because you decided to change your thinking and explore the possibilities of what you could become.

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