Make Attitude For Achievement

Dr. Purushothaman
August 27, 2013

Effective goal setting means that you have accomplished half of your objective. Once you have a specific direction to aim for, building the steps toward that goal becomes much easier. This basically becomes your road map towards success, in which we all aspire for.

However, goals are not enough unless you do something about it. Moreover, goals not coupled with performance is as good as no goal.

Properly Setting Your Goals

Here are a few tips to consider when setting an effective goal:

1.Set goals that are consistent with your values.

Anyone could easily fall into the idea of aspiring for something that seems good rather than something that one wants. Hence, it ensures that your goal is not only achievable but that you also enjoy working towards achieving it.

2.Set specific goals.

This goal setting tip might seem overemphasized but it is of utmost importance. This allows you to devise specific steps in order to meet those goals. More importantly, an unspecified goal only leaves further confusion on your part so you end up not accomplishing anything.

If you have to, specify dates and set limits in time needed to work on that goal. Then, you'd be able to review whether the results are satisfactory. If not, then you can evaluate which areas you need to improve on.

3. Be realistic.

You can be tempted to set your goals too high. It could be due to lack of information of what you are trying to achieve and whether you have enough skill to accomplish it. Meanwhile, it may also be due to your willingness to please other people, whether your family or the people around you.

How To Set The Right Goals

Identifying the suitable goal for your skill is difficult. You need a balance between goals that are not within your immediate grasp, but not too far that achieving it would prove an impossibility.

Goals are achievable when you have the necessary tools to achieve it. Among these are your commitment, skill, and time. Take into account all these factors in order to move a step further into your goal. Continually evaluate your goals and how far (or close) you are from realizing them, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

Moving A Step Closer To Your Goal

When you create a goal, your eyes are often set towards the outcome. Hence, it results in negligence of the necessary steps that will lead to the desired result. When you base it on outcomes, your goal will become vulnerable to failure. The best way to ensure that you reach your goal is by consistently improving on your performance. After all, this is your means to achieving whatever you have aspired for.

Another essential leap towards your desired outcome is having a peaceful state of mind. Negativity can take away your focus and can also lead to unsatisfactory results. Here are ways that you can erase all the negativity and focus on whatever is necessary to achieve your goal:

1.Find a quiet place where you can focus in mapping out the steps that will lead you to your intended outcome.

2.Seek help from professionals or family members in staying fundamentally sound and peaceful.

3.Engage in a personal development program.

4.Relieve yourself from pressure by learning how to enjoy every step of working towards achieving your goal.

The process of goal setting is never easy, but learning how to set your priorities well will move you closer towards where you intend to be.

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