Loving All In Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

What is Love?
Love is nothing but treating others well. The person, whom you care for, is often treated well when you love them. Loving another person is nothing complicated. You do not need training for loving others. It has to come naturally and spontaneously.
To maintain a good relationship with a person, it is very important to understand how to treat others.
We actually grow up in relationships like family, friends, colleagues and other primary relationships. If we love all the people around us, and the things which give us emotional satisfaction, then we can increase our happiness and improve ourselves as better humans.

In order to be good and loving to all,

Sort out your good and bad factors in your behavior. This actually helps us in knowing the main factors which keep us away from loving others.

Confronting with your fears and inner pains. Before you deal with any other problem, free yourself of the things which make you suffer the most. In order to love others, you have to love yourself first. A person who loves himself will be able to love and understand others.

Forgive yourself of your past mistakes. Never blame yourself for your past mistakes. Mistakes happen to everyone. Making mistakes is a human nature. Always focus yourself on the future. Plan your actions for the future. Try to avoid mistakes in the future.

Hold back your negative behaviors. Try not to be angry and shout at someone else. When others make mistakes, you can point out their mistakes by talking softly to them. Being angry always create a bad impression on the next person. He or She would only avoid you in future. So never let anger destroy your relationships.

When people hurt you, relax yourself telling yourself that they are just like you. This can calm you a lot.

Forgive others as you forgive yourself. Forgiveness is a quality which makes you a better person. If you are very angry at someone for that his mistake, and even if you do not show the anger to them, it is quite natural for you to get irritated even at a short glimpse of that person. As religious books preach” Forgive”, and you shall make yourself feel better and light in mind after the process of Forgiveness. You feel relaxed, and get the feeling that you have become a better person. Unforgiving attitude is a worst destroyer, while Forgiveness creates a better person in you.

Avoid gossips. Never talk bad about others even if you know that they are wrong. This is a real tough one I must say. Most of us tend to gossip even if we know the fact that it is not right to gossip. Often casual talks lead us to gossips unknowingly. Make it a point to prevent yourself from encouraging gossips.

You are a social being. So it is necessary for you to think of the well being of others. Get yourself out of your narrow-mindedness and approach the society with a wider view.

Each and every person you know is important to you. Try to have a good contact with everyone. Hang out with each one of them once in a while.

Involve your family members while making major decisions. Take the opinion of each one of them. Let them also know that they are important to you. You will find yourself loved more than they used to.

Always give a helping hand to those who need you. Selfishness cannot make you a better person. Selfless actions make you a better loving person. It always makes you feel good.

The use of ‘Thank you’, ‘Sorry’,’ Excuse me’ and ‘Please’ will work wonders in your life.

Have commitment to whatever you do. Whether it is your family life, or your work or your friendship, show your commitment. When you are into commitment, you will automatically do your duty well.

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