Living and Eating Well (Managing Life)

Family dining together.

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


I don't know about you, but I'm obsessed with cafe's. And here in Melbourne were not short of some of the best in the whole country (and beyond). Everything is built around the quality of the coffee, with the best cafes being packed out at any time of the day.
Its not hard though to over-do it while relaxing in cafes. Cakes, pastries, big breakfasts, and of course the coffees. As I look around me here on this busy Saturday morning, I wonder how many of these people are managing their intakes correctly.
For me, everything is automatically adjusted in my diet if I happen to splurge. By that I mean I am always aware of my daily intake and whether or not I'm on track.
There are various ways you can implement an adjusted routine into your own life. Of course if you have a heavy breakfast or lunch, you can have a light dinner to compensate. Or you can do some additional exercise. Run an extra few km or do some extra sets and reps down the gym.
Now, I'm not advocating anything as extreme as skipping meals in order to stay within your daily limits, but those who have an intuitive understanding of their current position at any given time will always fare better than those who don't.
As with most things in life, is all about balance. And not just daily balance either. If you have a busy day out eating and drinking, ensure you eat well and exercise some more then next day. We all get caught out sometimes, but you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Eat and live well most of the time and your body will reward you by holding on to less body fat and increasing your energy levels.
Remember, you become what you do most of the time. This is true with how you eat, who you associate yourself with, and how you interpret things like your emotions and stress. Understanding this key principle of    living well is crucial to developing a mind set conducive to progress and change in your life.
Making small, incremental changes to how you do things is the way to breaking old habits and starting new ones. Do away with radical over-hauls that are hard to stick to and cause too much disruption to your life. Try to stay ahead of yourself and be conscious of where you are in relation to your goals. And when things go to pot, remind yourself of the old maxim:
You are Never More Than One Meal Away From Being Back On Track!
That said, always enjoy your food and especially your coffee.

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