Live a Happy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
August 31, 2013

Experiencing panic attacks because of obtaining some feeling of extreme depression and anxiety can be very harmful to the way you live. This can interfere with the way you ought to live your life. It may even interfere with your own happiness. Many people who struggle from this dangerous medical condition have very complicated lives. They are living in constant worry because they do not know when the attacks will strike them. Without being armed with the right things to do to stop panic attacks when it happens can be even more distressing. If you are one of those people who are suffering from panic or anxiety attacks, you have to learn about the things that you are supposed to do when the attacks strike you. Attacks usually come without warning and these may make you helpless when it happens. However, if you allow yourself to gain knowledge about everything regarding your medical condition, you will be able to help yourself. Never allow your fear to block your vision. Think positively and believe that you have a huge chance of winning the battle against anxiety attack and depression.

One way of ensuring that you will be able to stop panic attack is to know the common symptoms. The usual symptoms that may hold true in your case would be hyperventilation, sweating, depersonalization, chest and stomach pain, choking and nausea or dizziness. When you are able to find the most common symptom for your attack, you will be able to prepare yourself when there is even the slightest chance that it will strike. The symptoms being enlisted can be somewhat frightening for most people. However, these are not considered harmful especially if you have prepared yourself on what you are about to do. You have to instill in your mind that the danger that you envision on the usual symptoms of an attack are only actual displays in your imagination because of your fears. Make an effort to put in your mind that you have great chances of winning your present medical condition.

Another effective way to stop panic attack is by knowing its causes. One basic fact about panic attack is that it happens because it is triggered by some reason. The usual reasons for a panic or anxiety attack to occur are stress-related issues and traumatic events that happened in your life. Other causes may also include genetics, abuse of a specific substance and sudden withdrawal from it, medical issues (mostly problems of the heart), phobias or extreme fear about specific events or objects and some past traumatic experiences. When you are aware about these causes, there is a great chance that you will set yourself free from all forms of panic, anxiety and depression. You will also be able to prepare effective solutions before the attacks strike. Just by knowing what causes a panic attack and being aware of its symptoms can work miracles on your current condition. It will help you avoid those things that may trigger an attack and keep it from happening.

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