Live A Dignified And An Active Life In A Retirement Home

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Retirement for the elderly has been associated with negative terms like solitude, neglect and gloom. This is due to the fact that after retirement, the senior citizens lose all the comfort and luxury that they were once used to. Furthermore, they have to give up their busy and active life, and in the absence of an active life, they lose their interest of socializing, thereby, facing loneliness. In order to prevent the elderly from leading a life of despair and detachment, the concept of retirement home is introduced.

Since a retirement home is set up especially for the elderly, it is designed and constructed considering the requirements as well as the limitations of the elderly. The site of such houses is carefully selected to be a little isolated from the city, so as to let the residents escape the busy life of the city. However, the location is not so far that the distance may hinder the residents from getting any medical help or meeting loved ones residing in the city. Surrounded with an extensive cover of flora and fauna, these homes provide the residents an opportunity to enjoy the bounties of nature. This green cover soothes and calms the senses and provides a relaxing effect.

Built for the elderly, the aspect of comfort and luxury has not been ignored. Also called luxury homes, these residences are provided with state-of-the-art facilities like attached bathrooms with latest fittings, excellent functioning air conditioning & blower systems and elegant flooring, to name a few. Ample parking space, classy modular kitchen, storage space and volunteer help are other amenities that are provided at such homes.

The concept of luxury homes has been brought about to provide comfort wrapped in luxury. Therefore, these are designed to exude style from both inside and out. The various facilities that these homes are outlined with include golf clubs, well-stocked library, vast parks and gardens, among others.

Such homes not only offer a comfortable residence but also provide the inmates an opportunity to keep an active life. The retirement homes encourage the senior citizens to take part in various activities like gardening, administration and painting, as per their choices and interests. This way, life is full of activity for them. Furthermore, combined meal is one way through which the residents interact with each other. Therefore, living in such homes has given the elderly a zest for life.

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