Life Skills

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Integrity - To act per a way of what’s right and wrong.
Initiative - To try and do one thing while not being told as a result of it has to be done.
Flexibility - To be willing to change plans once necessary.
Perseverance - To stay making an attempt despite hardship.

Organization - To arrange, arrange, ANd implement in an orderly way; to stay things so as and ready to use.

Sense of Humor - To laugh and be quizzical while not symptom others.

Effort - To try and do your best and take a look at your hardest.

Common Sense - To use sensible judgement.

Problem-Solving - To hunt solutions in tough things and everyday issues.

Responsibility - To retort once applicable, to be in command of your actions.

Patience - To attend sedately for somebody or one thing.

Friendship - To create and keep an admirer through mutual trust and caring.

Curiosity - A need to find out or fathom one’s world.

Cooperation - To figure along toward a typical goal or purpose.

Caring - To feel or show concern for others.

Courage - To act per one’s beliefs despite worry of consequences.

Pride - Happiness in achieving one’s personal best.

Life Skills

Resourcefulness - To retort to challenges and opportunities in innovative and artistic ways.
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