Life Purpose Coaching

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


Life purpose coaching is life coaching designed to help create a purposeful and empowered life. Learn to discover a sense of purpose in every area of your life, and to develop skills and techniques for aligning your life with your higher purpose (the essence of the unique contribution you can make to the world).

A sense of purpose gives meaning and direction to our lives. Without this, we can feel lost and adrift. As human beings, we need to feel that our lives have meaning, and that there is a point to both our daily activities, and our lives in total.

Lacking a sense of purpose in life can show up as a general feeling of discontent or dissatisfaction. We may feel bored and stifled in our daily lives, and experience the sensation that nothing has much point or meaning. It is not so much the activities we are involved in, but the inability to experience these activities as important and meaningful that creates a problem. If left unaddressed, this general malaise can even lead to depression.

An intense frustration can come from feeling unable to identify and/or pursue one's life purpose. This is often accompanied by the age-old question, ‘What should I do with my life?'

Life purpose coaching can help in both these cases; whether you need to find your true calling, or just want to feel more purposeful and powerful in your everyday life.

Life coaching can help you to discover and explore your higher or life purpose. True purpose comes from within, rather than from any particular job or activity. When we understand our higher purpose, which may be to entertain, to heal, to teach, to lead, or many others, everything we do can become purposeful.

Life purpose coaching focuses on the following areas, and helps you increase your capacity to;

Live fully and joyfully. A sense of purpose comes with the knowledge that you are really living your life and not just going through the motions.
Give and receive love.
Learn and grow through everything you do.
Find meaning in even the seemingly mundane tasks.
Coaching also develops your ability to;

Find meaningful work.
Express your gifts and talents fully.
Contribute to the world around you.
Allow goodness and abundance to flow into and through your life.
Through life coaching, you can enhance your aptitude for;

Gaining insight and wisdom through a mindfully lived life.
Developing higher inner qualities.
Attaining understanding through experience and seeking knowledge.
Keeping focused on the ‘big-picture,' rather than getting bogged down in life's daily dramas.
Remaining steady on a path of purpose and learning to trust your inner knowing.
If you really want to live more purposefully, life purpose coaching may provide just the help, support, and techniques that you need to make a leap towards a purpose-filled life.

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