Life Purpose and Growing to Be What You Really Want To Be

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


A wise man once said to me, "If you want to be what you've never been, you're going to have to do things you have never done." I have no clue who originated the saying, I just know that it stuck with me. Over the years I've realized how true that statement is. At the time I was working an 8-4pm job in a inventory control. Granted I liked being surrounded by spreadsheets all day-I was a math major after all! But did I feel fulfilled? Like I was truly doing what I wanted to do? No. Not at all. Did I feel like I was in any way reaching my potential? Or, contributing on the level I wanted? No way. So the reality I had to face was that I could reasonably go to the same job every day and make a decent living. Or, I could take a chance and make a change.
Shortly after that I was put in the position to meet the wise man I mentioned above. This is where he shared that adage. I asked myself, "What do I truly, deeply want to be?" Is it a spreadsheet-loving number cruncher working in inventory? Or is it something bigger. Obviously the answer was something bigger. I want to change my world. I want to help people change theirs. I want to grow and develop and handle all the evolution I possibly can in my short 86ish years of life. (I decided when I was 5 that I was going to live to 86...don't ask. That's a whole other article!) Looking at the above statement, that meant I had to start changing. Here's a short list of some things I had to do:
-Quit my job. It wasn't fulfilling or leading me to any type of fulfillment
-Downsize. Without a steady job, I had to think of downsizing my life until I got on my feet with what I did want to do.
-Figure out where I wanted to be. The whole point of leaving was to find what I really wanted, so it was time for some soul searching.
-Once I did figure out where I wanted to be, then I had to put together an action plan that supported it.
I then started reading more and more about the Law of Attraction. Once you delve into the teachings and really start to understand it, the Universe responds to your mindset. I've always been involved in self-development and wanting to attain more. Opportunities to work in the field of self-help began opening up left and right once I returned to my true love which always was, self-development. The only step left was to put together an action plan that supported what I wanted. That part was relatively simple. Once you know your destination, filling in the blanks to get there, will come to you.
Now am I saying that this is the road everyone should take? Of course not! Not everyone can downsize at the drop of a hat like I did. Some people will need to take time to build up savings first or find a more fulfilling job to replace the old one. What I am saying is that everyone should figure out where they really want to be. We all had early signs of what our "calling" was but life makes those signs blurry and we tend to forget them. But life is too precious to just "get by" and "settle." Take some time to ask yourself if you're doing what you really want to do and if you're really fulfilled. Figure out what your goals really are and who you want to be. Then remember: "If you want to be what you've never been, you're going to have to do things you have never done."

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