Life Coaching With the Tarot and Energy Healing Modalities

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


Life coaching in combination with the tarot and energy healing modalities, can assist and support you in achieving your desired objectives and gives you the tools to transform whatever areas of your life you choose. It should be the coach's mission to empower, encourage, and motivate you to reach success in these areas.
Incorporating the tarot in the life coaching process, can further aid you in identifying your life purpose, assist you in making positive decisions, and help you recognize blocks that may be standing in your way to success. It can warn you ahead of time of seemingly negative events so you can either avoid them altogether, help you accept them, or react to them differently than you normally would. The tarot won't tell you what will happen, but what is likely to happen if you continue on the same course you are currently on. You can always change your course of action and thus change the outcome.
After giving you a tarot reading, the life coach can assist you in creating a plan of action that is adaptable to your current lifestyle. Further sessions will assist you in determining your core values, setting goal priorities, clearly defining the steps necessary to achieve them, and beginning the process of setting and accomplishing your goals. Many coaches also compose vision statements for their clients or help them write their own. They may also use visualization techniques, hypnotherapy, NLP, self suggestion tapes, affirmations, and other law of attraction tools designed to progress you quickly on your road to success.
While many coaches are not certified in energy healing modalities, some are, and use manifestation and releasing energy work, such as Attraction Reiki, Abundance Flush and other healing modalities to assist in releasing blocks and allowing positive energy to flow into any areas that need healing. Releasing energy blockages in your aura, chakras, and meridians, along with the life coaching techniques and the tarot, makes it much easier for you to shift your beliefs, attract your personal power, and ultimately your success.
If you feel stuck in your career, your relationships are suffering or you would like to know what your life purpose is, do yourself a favor, and find your self a qualified life coach. There are many niches in life coaching, so you will want to do some research, but if you are committed to making a permanent change for the better, the effort you put into it will be worth it.

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