Life Coaching Training and confidence the way to become a Professional Life Coach

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


To undergo life coaching training to become a professional life coach is a good idea, but sometimes this is not enough for one to have the courage to start coaching. We all need the confidence that we have what it takes to really become effective as a coach or whatever career we choose. We need to believe in ourselves because lack of confidence sometimes hinders us from taking the next step in our careers.
As coaches we need to have confidence in what we do because this reflects in the way we talk and the way we coach our clients. When we coach our clients we need to have faith in ourselves that we are saying the right things and that our advice is the best that we can offer. How can others have belief in us when we ourselves do not? We need to realize that we have what it takes and that we have so much to offer our clients.
We are valuable to our clients because as we become a professional life coach we adopt ways we can be of assistance to them and they are:
1. We listen. We don't just hear what our clients have to say but we listen and try to understand what they are saying. We should show our clients that we are sincerely interested in what they have to say and that we are intent to help them.
2. We commit to see them every week. By being committed to working with them weekly, they will see the need to work harder to pursue their goals.
3. When we receive life coaching training we realize that we become a sounding board. We are there for our clients, to listen to them and to their ideas and wishes. Sometimes it is just good to have someone listen, it is where we listen to our own ideas out loud and this enables us to see it as more concrete and therefore we can act on it. It is always good to have someone around to listen to us.
4. When we become a professional life coach we have a responsibility to our clients to provide them with support and a second opinion. We are there so that they can find other options on how they can do certain things and make decisions.
5. Our clients confidence is boosted when they know that there is someone who is committed to support and help them achieve success. They know they are not alone and that they can count on someone for advice. They are able to see things more clearly and have more courage to tackle on the challenges they may face in the world.
One must remember that when you decide to become a professional life coach you must be committed to helping your clients and that you should continually improve yourself for the betterment of others and life coaching training is one way to do it.

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