Life Coaching Helps the Teenagers to Become More Self-Aware and Confident

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014

Life Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a teenager designed to help the teenager become more self-aware and accomplish meaningful goals. With students, ALC coaches work on addressing systems for performing well in school, understanding their personal values, nurturing relationships, stepping into leadership roles and planning for their future. Parents contact us, looking for coaching services, because they want the best for their children.
Sometimes parents have a hard time communicating effectively with their children and staying on the same page about what is important as a family. this can help ease the stress caused by tension and poor communication in parent-teen relationships. Many students have struggled for years with academics, writing papers, and taking test. When a coach helps them determine their unique thinking and learning styles, they can use their natural strengths to perform better academically. Being a "leader" does not just mean holding an office in student government. Teens who are being coached learn how to tap into their natural strengths and passion to make an impact in their world and give back to their community. That is how Academic Life Coaching approaches leadership.
Many parents don't think twice about hiring expensive tutors or spending money on SAT preparation classes. Some parents make financial sacrifices in order to afford those education opportunities. Life coaching for teens is a different way to help students succeed in school and prepare for college. Rather than focusing on just one academic subject or one type of test, Academic Coaching helps a student develop many different skills that relate to school, relationships, emotional intelligence, leadership, and preparing for college. Essentially, this program addresses a teen's whole being, rather than one small part of it. Life Coaching is an affordable option for families that want to give their teens the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to succeed as high school students, college students, and adults.
When teens take on leadership roles, they can accomplish incredible things. This builds a teenager's self-esteem and they form empowering beliefs about their abilities and potential. Life coaching for teens encourages students to be proactive and pursue their passions and talents.
Imagine a world where the public school system integrated Life Coaching into classroom curriculum. Students would not only learn academic subjects, they would also learn and practice the "soft skills" that are just as important over a lifetime. Teachers could spend less time on discipline and struggling to get kids to finish their homework. A teacher who uses coaching could help students stay curious about the world and continue to enjoy learning after early childhood. Life Coaching is the future of education.

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