Life Coaching Courses

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


Life Coaching Courses are in great demand at the moment. There is a growing need and a thriving industry that is asking for continuous growth and improvement. Picking the right Life Coaching Courses will considerably affect your ability to give your clients the best that you possibly can.

On our training we have had students from all walks of life, all for various reasons. Some have come for personal growth, others had a burning desire to coach other people and some are attracted to the industry by seeing the triumph of our trained coaches. Yes, coaching can be very rewarding, but you have got to be in it for the people. Coaching is very personal and your true goals are always mirrored in your results.

Now, if you have a honest passion and a scorching desire to help other people achieve what they want, you will do the same for yourself in the process. If you find yourself in a place when you understand that life is not only about me, me, me, and if you have discovered the gift of contributing to someone else's life, then I can promise you wholeheartedly... After this training, your life will never be same.

"Robert, my vocabulary doesn't seem sufficient to explain my gratitude for the humility that you keep on displaying. The NLP Practitioner Training has by far been the best and most important training I have ever done.

The mastery you displayed during the training has inspired me to strive for excellence, always. The most amazing part of the training was that I felt very, very confidant about my ability to apply the NLP & Time Line Therapy techniques. No revision required other that remembering to USE THE SCRIPTS.

Now, you can certainly change the world one student at a time. Thats Right!!:-) God Bless, Jeremy Maarman"

By becoming a certified Evolved Coach you will be equipped with all the knowledge and skills you need to transform the lives of your clients. People are challenged all the time, not knowing much about their own true potential and resources that they already have available within. This world is already full of Life Coaches that observe, question, challenge and guide their clients, and in essence, just hoping for results relying on their clients conscious will, perseverance, mental ability and desire to change.

"This week was the most phenomenal week in my life. My life took a whole new meaning. This course opened my eyes in ways that I never thought possible before. I have attended another personal coaching course before, but this course was more than just attendance. I was part of the course. I hold the sun and the moon in my hands... my life changed!!! Joyce Lotz"

As an Evolved Coach, you are in control of your results. In fact, Evolved Coachings existence is based purely on results. In an unregulated industry with no real set standards, the only real measurable is results. As a certified Evolved Coach, we guarantee that you will be equipped with all the skills and tools to always get results - that is our guarantee. As industry leaders we offer with confidence, a 100% money back guarantee on all our courses.

Taking a closer look at our Evolved Coaching course outlines, our bold claims would start making even more sense.

life coaching course, life coaching course

"Thank you Robert & Peter for believing in me to let me do this course, though my finances are not in order. I have found great value, and that is even greater motivation to settle my account - I don't know any institution that would do this!! God bless you even more greatly. As for the learning's, it is an understatement to say that not only do I believe it, but now I know "All Things Are Possible to Those That Believe".

Through your techniques I recovered from my unconscious mind, memories that had been deeply hidden in my unconscious & thereby breaking free from old strongholds. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be channels of blessings in others & in particular in my life. Now I can see clearer!! Thank you for your love - I love you too!! Omphile Sebitloane"

Evolved Coach training is not for everyone. This training is not about the number of certificates you will receive or how much money there is in the coaching industry. Its about being empowered to effect instant and lasting change in your clients. Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach are all valuable skills in their own right. Most of them can bring about instant change and gratification. They are helpful tools that support the lasting change brought about by the Evolved Coaching Techniques.

" Dear Team (Robert Leading), Thank you for topping off my beginning of the awesome journey of discovering true human potential. True empowerment which has infinitive value for growth and development.

The most EXCITING gift I ever received! Thank you for creating me to be a part of your family. A privilege which I will forever show my love and gratitude towards the creation of this training.
Love Keegan Grant"

Simply put, the difference that makes the difference is in your overall ability to understand your client’s real needs and knowing how to facilitate real and lasting change. You will get clients, that will come to you, presenting all their problems, obstacles, challenges or pain. As an Evolved Coach you will be able to identify the root cause of the problems and effectively deal with each client, leaving no stone unturned, as a result of your new knowledge.
As a certified Evolved Coach you will be equipped to:
· Set up your own coaching practice (from an admin, legal and getting clients perspective)
· Assess your clients real needs accurately
· Facilitate instant change with confidence, delivering the results your clients are looking for every time. Further you will be able to equip your clients with the tools they need to support the change in their lives

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