Life Coaching Calgary - What Makes It Good

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


Life is getting tougher by the day for people around the world and Calgary is no different. On one hand you have to face immense competition and stress in your career and on the other you need to meet the demands of relationship. There are situations when this gets to your mind and cause depression and anxiety. What you need in such situations is life coaching Calgary. Since we have opened discussion on this topic let us take a look at what constitutes to good life coaching or in other words what will a professional life coach Calgary offer you.
Stressing On Self Belief
The first and foremost thing that a good coach would do is stress on self-belief. Half of the problems that we face in our lives are all in the mind. Thus to counter these problems you will first have to gain control or your mind or in simple words your thought process. In most situations we tend to create invisible castles around us and you have to learn to break through your self-limiting belief systems. The world is as good as you see it and you need to create a beautiful world around you. A good coach would emphasize on a co-creative process of guiding, supporting and challenging you to reach the change you seek in your life.
Winning Over Depression
Depression is one of the worst states of mind and can have severe detrimental effects on the professional and personal lives. It can arise out of various reasons and can lead to low self-esteem. A life coaching solution would offer you depression help Calgary that helps you rule over your mind and get over depression. They will make you aware of the symptoms of depression and what can trigger depression. All this knowledge helps get over these feelings.
Developing The Right Attitude
To deal with the challenges of everyday life you need to develop the right attitude. You need to face all your problems head on and work out solutions remaining calm and confident. Right attitude is one that includes developing your self-awareness, understanding your unconscious motivations and building self-endurance to move beyond destructive thinking patterns. When you are in a crisis situation you would think of getting out of it rather than suffering from depression and developing a feeling of rage and anger over others.
Setting The Right Goals
To succeed in life it is very important to set the right goals. Goals are as unique as every person is. These can be in terms of professional success or in terms of relationship or can even be the spiritual desire of a person. It is very important to select and set the right goals in life. A life coach would help you set the right goals in life and constantly motivate you to achieve these goals.
If you are in need of professional life coaching Calgary you can get in touch with Ken Coaching and Therapy ( It is run and managed by Ken Fierheller who is a certified psychotherapist and a life coach and has years of experience in offering counselling services to people.

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