Life Coaching as a Career

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


If you are considering becoming a Life Coaching practitioner then we not only offer you the very best in training.
As a career it is flexible and financially rewarding. But this is not the main reason most people start coaching.
People come to coaching as a way of making a contribution to the world, of creating change - within themselves, their family, their community, their country, even the planet. Every coach brings a special and unique gift to coaching and to the world.
At school we are taught English and Maths and even Trigonometry but never the workings of the human mind. It is fear and lack of knowledge in the human mind that causes the most pain and trauma in work, relationships and connections with the general public.
If you are fully committed to becoming a dedicated Life Coach and to running your own highly successful Life Coaching practice, and you want to get your business up and running and generating customer revenue as quickly as you can, then this course we have available at Future Mind Training is the best way forward for you.
This course has been created to give students the "real information" about coaching, information which is vitally essential to working with the public and all their different personality types, information which is essential to test in a trained environment and information which if ignored could lead to putting a coaching business or client at risk
The Trainer
Paul Ryder
Paul Ryder is the director of Future Mind Training has been a personal trainer and a life coach for over 10 years. Throughout his career and life he literally practices what he preaches.
Paul originally started personal development for his own health after coming from a background of being a victim of bullying and emotional abuse which resulted in extremely low self esteem and destructive and negative thoughts. Paul has used all of the methods which he now teaches to bring himself from a place of fear to the confidence to give seminars on self expression to large audiences; Paul is also a successful author and a life coach working with many people from professional sport people to people wanting to cure a fear of flying.
Personal Quote
"Life is to be lived, but make no assumptions that the dreams and desires of the mind can be forced, the limiting beliefs must be understood and worked through and then success will fall at the feet of those who walk the path. It is humbling to know that we are all equal and only as important as the next person, but it is reassuring that the information the great speakers of time have written over the years on personal development is extremely powerful and can lead us to inner peace.
Life is just what happens to us! We are all corks in the ocean; there is a time to rest and a time to work hard. Do not allow yourself or your pain to gain you unwanted attention, there will be enough people in the world who will feel sorry for and dramatize those who may not be at their full potential as they love nothing more than stroking their ego by being the rescuer. You are a human being and deserve the freedom of seeing who you really are and enjoying self expression.... life is to be lived!
I wish you all the best on your journey

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