Life coach tips to help you become a success coach who manages their time well

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


Time is a very valuable thing that we cannot replace or bring back. Time is something that we must use wisely to make the most out of. To become a success coach, one must be able to manage his time wisely. We should be able to prioritize the tasks that need to be accomplished and set a schedule to follow.
The following are some life coach tips that you can follow to ensure that you are managing your time wisely. These tips will also help you get rid of the unnecessary stress that one faces when a huge workload is present.
How we spend our time depends on us. Whether it may be at work or with our family, it is up to us to allocate a certain number of hours for a specific activity. It has been said that time is an emotion and if we love doing a certain thing, we do not seem to see the clock ticking. We can always make time for what is important if we decide to act on it.
When we become a success coach we need to realize and decipher what is important to us. This will help us prioritize our activities and manage our time. After deciphering our priorities, we should envision what our day would look like or what activities we would like to be accomplished in a day. Will this day be spent with our family or will it be spent on holding a coaching session for those who would like to become a success coach?
Other life coach tips you can follow to become a success coach is to identify and categorize your tasks in relation to time management. The categories you can use are the following:
Not Urgent & Not Important  These activities can take up your time and can distract you from what you need to accomplish. These can be in the form of unnecessary conversations like gossip or even watching television. Being a couch potato can take up a whole lot of time without you noticing.
Urgent & Not Important  These are tasks that require our attention at once. This may be the phone ringing or a knock on our front door. These tasks sometimes require us to stop what we are doing and attend to them.
Urgent & Important  These activities may be stressful and demand the most from you.
Not Urgent but Important  Those activities that fall under this category are those that you can spend the majority of your time to. These activities will require your creativity and special attention.
By following these life coach tips, you can ensure that when you become a success coach your time will be managed effectively and that this will avoid undue stress and burnout.

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