Life Coach Jobs: Perfect Fit for Disabled People

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


Most of us think that in order to inspire others you have to be the paragon for that. If you want to inspire little girls into realizing how beautiful they are, then you have to be beautiful. If you want to inspire businessmen into taking risks in business, then you have to be successful. Isn't that what we usually think? That in order to inspire others, you have to be more than others but then, how about people with disabilities, can they become life coaches as well and inspire other people?
Life coach jobs started when speakers such as Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, and Bob Proctor began making success stories out of people they have coached. Most life coaches are there to help you pursue the life you want and if there is anything that is holding you back then they will help you leave it behind so you can get the type of living you have been longing to have. So why are life coach jobs so successful these days? Because each and every person in this world will be motivated more if they have someone there to support them and give them that extra lift or push to go for what they want to do successfully.
Life coaches can be a great help to persons with disabilities (PWD) because they can push them beyond their comfort zones. Nick Vujicic and Rohan Murphy are just two examples of PWD that have found their calling as life coaches. It all started when they were invited to speak in schools to inspire kids. Their stories and struggles in life were more than enough to lift one's spirit and morale that no matter how life kicks you down, there will always be something wonderful to look forward to. Nick was born without any arms and legs but despite that fact he still manages to live a normal life, happily and contented. Rohan lost both his legs when he was kid but that didn't stop him to live normally too and go for what he loves to do. These two amazing individuals are helping different people realize that no matter how tough life, there's always something to be thankful for.
So if you share the same story as Nick and Rohan, you should realize by now that disabled people can do a lot of great things in life. Who knows? You can be the person who can change millions of lives out there just by simply sharing your story and struggles but never giving up on living a wonderful and colorful life.

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