Let This Be Your Year! How to Align Your New Year’S Goals With Your Life Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013

New Year! The perfect time to make new plans, set new goals and dream BIG! There is a positive, invigorating energy that surrounds the start of a brand new year, an energy that helps us let go of the old and stake a claim for the new. It can also be a time when you ask yourself some important questions, like, "What is my greater purpose in this life? Am I living it? And do my New Year's goals and dreams support this purpose?"

The question of life purpose seems to surface more and more these days. I believe this is due to the fact that we've entered a time where we're being asked to bring all of who we are, our Higher Selves and our connection to Source, into every aspect of our lives. No longer can we keep our spirituality separate from our work-a-day business life. We know too much! We know that the key to our inner happiness and worldly success lies in our willingness to merge our Higher Selves and our connection with Spirit into every aspect of our lives.

What about you? Have you been feeling this "urge to merge?" If so, how has this affected the way you think about your life purpose? Has it helped define and clarify your purpose? Or is it causing a bit of confusion and uncertainty?

If you're experiencing uncertainty about your own higher purpose in this life, believe me, you are not alone! Everyone goes through some kind of "identity crisis" when it comes to their purpose. It's a natural part of our evolution. So, let me help you through this common mini-crisis.

First, you were brought into this world through the power of love, and you were meant to do that which comes from LOVE. The more you are able to connect with that power of Love, the clearer your life purpose will become.

You were also meant to express your unique gifts and talents in the world. When you do, you automatically operate from the broader, all-knowing, wiser part of yourself. Perhaps you've had the experience (or several experiences) when you were offering your talents in some way and you felt an easy joy and peace. Your actions felt effortless, natural and in the flow. This is a clear indication that you are in alignment with your higher purpose!

Another way for you to gain perspective on your purpose is to ask yourself, "Who can I serve well? Who is my ideal client?" By defining how you can best serve, you may gain greater clarity on your higher life purpose. Remember to seek only those clients who are a perfect match for you and let the rest go. Because if they aren't ideal for you, you're not ideal for them, and you do yourself and them a disservice by hanging on.

These are a few clues for you to consider when seeking to know your higher purpose, but if you want to cut to the chase, go directly to Source and ask! Why go on a treasure hunt when the treasure is available now?

Your Guidance, your Higher Self already knows your higher life purpose… and is more than willing to let you in on the deal! This is the Guidance you were born with, the Guidance you were meant to have, access and channel into your work, your life and your world.

I feel as if my higher life purpose has evolved and gotten clearer with every passing year. As I look back on my career, I can see how my Guidance nudged me out of the computer industry and into coaching so I could fully share my gifts and allow my actions to spring from a place of Divine Love. As I started accessing more and more of my own Guidance, my business took off! And I knew it was because I was paying attention to my Guidance and aligning with my life purpose.

Then three years ago, when I started channel my loving non-physical guides known as Theos and helping others to channel their own Guidance, I realized that my work was not merely aligned with my higher purpose, my work was my higher purpose. And as a result, I've never been happier, more certain or more fulfilled. The more I listened to my Guidance and merged my spiritual self into my business and practical life, the more successful and joyous I became.

Now, I want to help you create your own success story. I want to help you establish your own reliable connection to Divine Guidance and then use that Guidance in your business and every day life so your message, services and actions are aligned with your highest purpose. Let this be the year when you experience the excitement, joy and prosperity that comes from infusing your business with the wisdom, love and support of your Guides and Highest Self.

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