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Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

A peculiar character of human beings is that they have got a lot of learning potentials. Human mind is always prepared to learn and accept new things in life. To be successful in life means you are always open to new learning and skills.
The mind of a successful person revolves around the thought of how to improve himself in every possible area. Humans are considered creatures that learn quickly. Learning, according to humans, is a lifelong process which is practiced without any fail. Without learning new things in life, most of us feel we are not perfect.
There are a lot of benefits of learning new things in mind.Learning helps us to be open minded.Learning helps us to cope up with any situations.When we are suddenly changed from our comfort zone to a totally different place or situation, then our mind becomes alert and tries to adapt to the new atmosphere with the help of our learning skills.

Learning shapes our character and makes a ‘Bold You’.

Learning instills self-confidence in you.

It makes life worthy to live.

Learning opens new opportunities in life.

Developing learning skills

Learning, being an endless process in our lives, helps us to develop our skills and talents. Once we stop ourselves from learning new things, and then remember that it is the end of our success and end of our joys. Learning new things in life actually stirs up our mind and energizes us to move forward. We may never know what would be coming in search of us.

Alert your mind and be receptive. Your search towards new things continues when we prepare our minds to be alert to new knowledge and be receptive to it.

Reading books is the traditional method of gaining knowledge, which is continued even today. With huge collection of knowledge available online, you can keep off your excuses and start reading. Reading has to be concentrated on the non-fiction area. Reading fiction actually stimulates our imagination. But if gaining knowledge is the aim behind reading, then one has to purposefully leave fiction and opt for non-fiction works.

Try to learn something every day. Each day of your life is important. Make yourself a student every second of your life. Be always ready to learn new things in life.

When you learn something new, you feel more comfortable at facing the world which is more and more competitive in every field. We are more strong and bold to face the rest of the world when we feel we are fully equipped.

Never allow your pride to prevent you from asking questions. The more you ask questions, the more you learn. Let astray your pride. Ask if you want to know more. If you want to learn new things in life, pride should not be given much importance.

While reading or while in a conversation, you might find certain tricky questions arise in your mind. Jot it down in a notepad so that you will not forget to find the answer. Never let that question go unanswered.

Search for new answers. Never satisfy yourself with a single answer. Find new dimensions to your question.

Observe things without hurry. We rush and speed ourselves up and often miss the opportunity to observe things. Observation is another method of receiving new ideas. Take a small walk now and then. You will then find minute things which you have often missed in your life.

Develop your hearing skills. Listening helps you to improve yourself. Always be a patient listener. Listen to the conversation of other people, music or even television show. You may never know what comes in handy.

Writing out what you have picked up helps you to develop your confidence. When put on a paper, we are keeping record of the new knowledge gained. Whatever you experience also can be jotted down.

Find time to meditate.
“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”-Aristotle
Meditation helps you to know yourself better and gives you the time to reflect on yourself.

Learning has to be a continuous process. Most of us stop learning and reading after acquiring our graduation. This is not the right thing to do. Join a new course- learn music or dance or new computer courses and thus quenches your thirst for knowledge.

Learn a new language. An entire foreign culture is exposed to you when you learn a new language.

Talking to unfamiliar people helps to gain new kind of experiences.

Read something which you are not at all interested at all.

Read every article in the newspaper.


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