Learn to add resume skills in your resume

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

Resume skills are a vital part of the resume. It has to be written very systematically and error free. It is because the employer checks whether you posses the required skills or not.
When you write your resume, which points should you consider to describing in your resume? Resume skills is one of the most important point to be included in your resume. Resume serves like an advertisement for you in front of the employer. Thus, you should highlight your resume skills as if it matches the requirements for the desired job profile for which you may get an interview call. So, adding skills to your resume is not a difficult, but a sincere task. If you get stuck, you can use sample articles or tips for writing your resume skills in your resume. To help you differentiate among the types of skills, here are three types of skills:
Job related skills: These are job specific skills which are related to the job profile.
Transferable skills: These skills are transferable and are learnt during your job period. Such skills highlight how well you can tackle the projects, or any problems utilizing your skill set.
Adaptive skills: These skills are too hard to check, as they include personality traits and characteristics that determine your work style. Such skills include ability, reliability, and how to deal with the office environment.
You should be able to jot down your skills in a systematic way. Don't jumble yourself. Depending on your level of expertise, the skills are written. Here is a small guideline for rating your skill level:
If you are a beginner, it is understood that you lack in work experience, so you have more exposure to display your skill sets.
The next stage is intermediate which is neither a beginner one nor an expert one. You have good experience, but it will not be considered without your skill.
Expert stage is the stage where your work experience gets higher attention than the skills. Though it is so, but still resume skills are also considered, as from the job profile point of view, you should possess the required skills. Only work experience won't do.
Thus, only thinking and writing resume skills won't do the magic. The magic lies in the fact that how you follow the resume writing skills. For writing, you can take resume advice as well from resume writing experts, or career counselors. So brush up and clean your resume neatly to write your resume skills systematically.

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