Learn How To Retire Rich

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

The subject of this article, "Learn How To Retire Rich", is in more demand today than ever before. In the current economy, many folk's dreams of retiring rich are dashed. "Making due with less" is a household cliché. For a person who has drive and the willingness to learn, this is the perfect time to seize the opportunity to seek out methods to hold firm on his/her dream to retire at 55 or 60; there is still time to get it done!

Can you live well in retirement with the plan you currently have? If you can't, that's the norm. The predominant strategy these days is to continue in retirement with the skills that you used while working. If you can't or don't desire to, learn something different.

The challenge is learning a new skill. The internet is the perfect environment to capture and master this priceless ability. What if I told you there was a way to start today, with no skills, and within 90 days a person could be augmenting a cushy six figure pre-retirement income with another five to six figure income? I'm going to suggest that that strategy actually exists. A strategy to retire at fifty-five, even if you just turned fifty-five.

OK, we need to learn a new skill. Here's one to acquire: internet marketing. Millionaire internet marketers are being made on the internet daily and it's time for us common folks to join them. Even if we make the attempt but miss millionaire by a long shot, we could end up with a nice five figure income doing something we enjoy from the kitchen table and retire at 55 or 60. And this income could be maintained a couple of hours per day.

What effort does it take? The basic skills necessary to be an effective internet marketer can be acquired in 90 days. I did it. Not hard. And most folks, nearing retirement, dream of doing what I do everyday. I'm 53, I work from home, enjoy time with my wife and kids and see all my son's basketball games. That's a life most corporate types miss.

So, find a mentor on the internet and start acquiring the internet marketing skills to retire early. Trust me, save yourself some time by finding a friend (or a good internet marketing forum) on the internet that can steer you around the time wasting methods you'll be tempted to spend your time upon.

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