Leading An Ideal Family Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

In an Ideal Family Life, the members of the family share a good relationship with each other. There is no means of arguments or misunderstandings between them. Situations like crisis in a member’s life are solved by the sincere involvement of the other members.
Lending a helping hand to each other is the actual meaning of an Ideal family.
A family life means life full of responsibilities. Each member has to have independence in living their lives and taking necessary personal decisions, while keeping in mind that each has to fulfill the other person’s desires too. In an Ideal Family, you don’t have to hurt your feelings by restricting yourself, and you are not supposed to hurt the other person’s feelings by interfering in their personal matters.Family is an institution which teaches man to be a social being. Simply by living in a family doesn’t mean that you are in a ‘Family’.
Leading an Ideal Family life… 

In a family life, responsibilities are more, for the husband and the wife. Developing tension while maintaining responsibilities is quite natural. A healthy talk between the husband and wife regarding the dealing of major duties in the family will reduce the tension.

Appreciate your spouse more often. Many people show misery in appreciating their life partner. Express your love…never Suppress love. Why is it that when two people are married, they forget the word ’Love’ in their life. Love your wife and tell her more often that she is the world’s most beautiful woman you have ever met. Tell your husband that you have the world’s most wonderful husband near you. Encourage your spouse more often. Encouragement leads to more love and affection in the relation.

In a family life, happiness does not depend on the number of the members, but on how it stands on love and affection of the family members.

Mutual understanding between the members helps in making family life happier.

Respect each other.

Express and exchange personal views regarding any family issue. Expressing views does not mean that use of harsh words and raised voice is needed. Talk calmly and try to point out your opinion calmly.

Living a happy family life means making the members of the family happy. The evenings with the family must not be interrupted by electronic gadgets like television, computers or cell phones.

Doing official work at home can be a hindrance to spending time with the family.

The head of the family must always have in mind that if he tends to move away from the family, then the balance of the whole family would be lost.

Children should be brought up with good values. Those values should be so strong that they must not ‘change’ after they grow up or when they are away from their family.

Live together than separate. Living together makes a sense of security in the minds of the members, while living separate would always create insecurity regarding each day. For example, a person living alone will always be worried at times when he falls sick or he is in a financial debt or trouble. Togetherness makes security possible.

In big family, people should not be egoistic. Be selfless.

In an Ideal family, there is no communication gap or misunderstanding.

In a family, you must never imagine things. You must get the right clarification, in case you have a doubt. You can solve your doubts by talking not by doubting.

Parents must be friendly with their kids. Kids also have a right to express their views.

Children must have discipline and must respect elders.

Understand your Spouse, Children and Parents.

Play your role well and avoid unnecessary stress in relationships.

Use your own time while making a decision.

Communicate with your family. Talking a lot helps in getting close together and in solving problems together quickly.

Be open and candid towards your members. Candid does not mean that you have to speak in a cut and dry manner.

Change your plans when things are not working the old way. Adopt new ones and try to work on it.

Change the differences of opinion in family life.

A hug and a pat can work wonders in a family to make it an Ideal one.

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